Friday, March 3, 2017

The Stations or The Way of the Cross

"My dear Child: By the Stations we mean the sorrowful journey that Jesus made with the cross when He was on the way to the hill of Calvary to be crucified. You should love to make the Stations and you should do so often, especially during Lent. It is an easy way to show the good Jesus that you are thankful to Him for having suffered so much for you. It will please Him very much if you thus show your pity for Him and your love for Him..."  ~  Jesus, Make Me Worthy


We adore Thee, O Lord, Jesus Christ, and bless Thy Holy Name. 
Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.
Jesus, Make Me Worthy

+The younger children took turns blowing out the candles after we prayed each Station+ 


  1. This is inspiring! Thank you for sharing! What book are you using to pray along in the pictures? Thank you for your posts!

    2017-03-04 13:54:55

    1. Thank you, Krista! We have a few different versions we use here at home. The one pictured here, that we used last night, was from Jesus, Make Me Worthy. Our older children all received copies of this sweet prayer book for their First Holy Communions. Our nine year old has his in a cover from Catholic Embroidery (no longer in business) but covers can be ordered from too. We don't have any of their covers yet, but I'm ordering one for one of our Godson's upcoming First Holy Communions and am also hoping to include a few in Easter baskets this year as well.

      2017-03-04 14:36:17

  2. Wow! So inspiring! Beautiful!!

    2017-03-04 16:32:21

  3. What a great idea! I just love all of the sweet things you do to make our faith resonate with children. God bless your neat family!

    2017-03-04 18:05:25

  4. Simply soulful and moving. Thank you - as ever - for inspiration, faith building, devotion, and fidelity to Him. You are a blessing to so many families!

    2017-03-04 20:47:28

  5. Thank You for sharing this post. It is very inspiring. God Bless Marion

    2017-03-04 23:03:17

  6. Thank you for this beautiful idea with the candles. We have similar Stations that we use but the idea with the candles makes it so much meaningful. How do you keep the Starions standing up asxws have trouble with that one?! Thank you once again for all you do and share with us as- you are a blessing and do inspirational! God bless you.

    2017-03-05 12:08:03

    1. After the girls made some similar Marian Grottos recently, I'm now surprised that all 14 of these stand up on their own so nicely! They have a thick base and we somehow managed to keep the popsicle sticks even when we were making them. One of our other grottos needs to be leaned up against something, or we will need to add a hook to the back and hang it up.

      2017-03-05 15:47:58

  7. What a lovely post. You never fail to inspire me and give me an enjoyable post. These Stations of the Cross are beautiful. Marilyn

    2017-03-06 23:59:20


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