Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Little Way Valentines

Your Little Way Brightens My Day

Our oldest daughter finished creating these rose heart covered pretzels and chocolates last night for today's St. Valentine feast day party while I made up some labels for the treat bags! We all had to be extra creative this year, using stuff we already had in our pantry and decorating stash since I haven't been able to get to the store, and she did such a great job!

Rose Hearts Pretzel Supplies: 

Rose Lollipop Supplies: 

Here is the link to our free printable documents with the Little Way labels. The quote was inspired by these cute Saint Valentines available from Salutare. 

These treats would also make a great Little Flowers craft or favor for upcoming Little Flowers Girls' Club tea parties this spring!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!


  1. She did a great job! Happy St. Valentine's Day!

    2017-02-14 20:41:54

  2. Those are beautiful! Happy St. Valentine's Day!! God bless you all! <3

    2017-02-14 22:59:53

  3. The pretzels look delicious. Thank You for sharing all your holiday crafts and recipes. HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY! Marion

    2017-02-14 23:00:45

  4. Your daughter did a good job on the pretzels. They are prety. Have a great ST.VALENTINES DAY! Marilyn

    2017-02-14 23:02:27

  5. I love it!! So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!

    2017-02-15 02:58:01

  6. Beautiful Work~Happy St Valentines to all ♥

    2017-02-15 12:59:28

  7. Those are just lovely!!!

    2017-02-15 21:00:34


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