Monday, January 23, 2017

Pro-Life Prints :: Preborn Babies

This week I'm spending a little time each afternoon completing the brand new downloadable lesson plan and workbook from Culture of Life Studies: Pro-Life Prints with my little ones. It was created for Pre-K-2 but I included my 4th grader as well. This fun and educational project is broken into four lessons which all teach and emphasize the dignity and sacredness of every human life. Today we reviewed and discussed Preborn Babies!   

During the short lesson we pulled out some poppy seeds to remind us of how small we were when God first created us and then pulled out our tempera paint to get started on today's Pro-Life Prints.

.: Preborn Babies :. 

.: Tiny Me :. 

.: Small, but Awesome! :. 

.: 8 Months and Still Growing :. 

.: Today's Pro-Life Prints :. 

You can find the digital download we are using here: 

Additional Pro-Life activities from the archives: 

Update! I just got an email from Culture of Life Studies and they are offering 30% off Pro-Life Prints for Shower of Roses visitors with coupon code: ROSESM4L


  1. This looks like a fun and happy pro-life unit. I love doing projects like this with my kids, too, but I have one question for you. Once the paint is dry, what do you do with the projects??? We hang them on one designated wall or their bedroom doors for a while, but then when we do another project I always struggle with what to do with the old projects, drawings, etc. My gut wants to just toss them making room for new projects, but my mama's heart aches each time I toss something. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

    2017-01-23 22:40:57

    1. These projects will be stapled into a booklet with a cover page they will decorate as part of the last lesson. My kids each have a box for storing favorite art projects. We keep as many as can fit in the box, sorting through it from time to time. They also each have another box (kept under my bed) for special keepsakes/larger projects, etc, as well as a portfolio for their Meet the Masters art projects (pictured here) and magazine file boxes for their lap books. The rest of the projects get photographed and then given away or tossed after being displayed for awhile. This one will end up in either their art box or under my bed in their keepsake boxes. I love handprint art work!

      2017-01-24 01:49:42

  2. I kept/keep a file folder of those treasured papers that meant much more than just an assignment. My favorite is one that my son made in kindergarten. The task... Paste the bears on the page from tallest to smallest (mama bear, papa bear, and baby bear). My son brought the page home and in this order.... papa bear, baby bear and then mama bear. I told him when I saw it, Oh honey, you got this one wrong. His response: "No I didn't, baby always goes between mama and daddy."

    2017-01-24 00:21:00

    1. So sweet!!! ♥ That's definitely a keeper!

      2017-01-24 01:45:00

  3. Thank you!

    2017-01-24 23:52:08

  4. Thank you for sharing this touching pro life project with us. This is so inspiring to view your little ones being taught the most important value of all~PRECIOUS LIFE!!! Such wonderful artwork done with the sweet hands of your children. May God Bless you for all of the time and dedication you give teaching your children our beautiful Catholic Faith!

    2017-01-25 04:12:51


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