Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year Daybook :: Snow Days

Happy New Year! I didn't mean to disappear for the last few weeks... We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's despite all the viruses I kept catching. I ended up coming down with a bad cold the day after our Rose Red and Snow White Birthday Party, another shortly after Christmas leading up to New Year's, and then the flu on the evening of the first. Thankfully our children didn't get nearly as sick as I did and have really enjoyed the crazy winter weather we have been having! 

Outside my window...
Snow! On New Year's Day the kids were so excited to wake up to our first snow of the season! Nearly two weeks later, we still have snow on the ground which is really abnormal for our area...


❄️🎶 Do you want to build a snowman?🎶❄️

January 5th: Another snow day! ❄❄️ All schools are closed, my husband's office is closed, and the county roads officials are saying stay home if you can. It's going to be awhile before they can clear all the roads and ours is usually one of the last... I really wish I would have gotten to the store last weekend before this storm hit, but very thankful that we still have power!

I am thinking...
We weren't able to make it up to the mountains but they got to have some fun sledding during our Christmas break after all! ❄️

I am thankful... 
for power! We had another (unexpected) snow storm this week and it caused all sorts of damage and power outages. Our power went out Monday night but thankfully, after 17 hours, it was restored. As of yesterday there were still hundreds (down from thousands) of homes in our little town without power. My dad (an electrical contractor and inspector) says we need to just bite the bullet and let him install a backup generator for our home. We almost did it this past summer but wanted to pay off the car and finish a couple other projects first.

January 9th: Driving home from work this evening.... Huge snowflakes coming down fast, snow and ice covered roads, and even turkeys! 🙏🏻❄❄️ I thought they said we weren't going to get anymore snow this week?! #thankfulfor4wheeldrive #imgonnaneedittogetupourdriveway

January 10th: Our power has been out since last night and there is still no "estimated time of restoration" ... We are now in camping mode around here with paper goods and five gallon containers of water next to the sink. Yesterday morning I had pulled out a roast and some steaks from the freezer for the next couple nights. I had planned to use the crock pot for the roast, but am trying the Dutch Oven instead, and we'll be having grilled steaks for lunch. Now to figure out what to do with twenty-two eggs, a half gallon of Egg-Nog, and everything else that's left in the fridge...

These are just a couple of the many trees that fell across our road following the unexpected snowstorm on Monday night, taking power lines with them. I heard that there were 16+ trees across our road in between our house and town. We wouldn't have been able to go anywhere even if we could have gotten out of the driveway... This picture was taken just before the turn where I took the pictures of the turkeys crossing the road the night before. There are two roads leading out to my parents and both were covered with snow and trees as well despite all the drastic tree trimming that was done around the valley last summer. One was closed all day and the other only had one lane open!

Learning all the time...
Yesterday, January 12th, was the first day the local school district has been open since Christmas break began on December 16th! Thankfully, the snow (and all the snow days that will be added to the end up the school year, right when we'll be getting ready to welcome our new little one) won't effect our homeschooled students. They have been able to get back to school despite the poor road conditions, though the power outage did make some subjects a little more challenging on Tuesday.

Celebrating the liturgical year...
the O Antiphons, exciting news on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, all the wonderful feasts during the Christmas season, blessing our home on the feast of the Epiphany, and the feast of the Baptism of the Lord (last Monday on the OF calendar and today on the EF calendar)... We still have our Christmas tree up and will probably take it down tomorrow. I'm so glad it's lasted this long this year!

From the kitchen...
amazingly delicious Pumpkin Pancakes for me using the recipe from Holiday on the Autoimmune Protocol (a gift from a sweet and thoughtful friend)...

... and Snowman Pancakes for the rest of the family! 

January 5th: Snowman Pancakes for Breakfast 
#anothersnowday #toocoldtoplayoutside #christmasbreak #twelfthdayofchristmas

I am working...
lots of hours at the office, converting my dad's sole proprietorship to a corporation and setting up a new payroll and accounting system now that my dad and brother are partners. The kids haven't been the only ones learning all sorts of new things lately! It's definitely been a challenge to juggle everything, but I've really enjoyed working part time this past year and am so grateful for the flexible hours and extra income it's provided our family.

I am creating...
or rather the kids had fun creating snow angels and snowmen. I just took pictures and tried to stay warm inside!

I am going...
in for another appointment and ultrasound at the end of next week. My doctor wants to take a look at my cervix before each of my next monthly appointments, just to make sure it isn't showing any signs of early changes since I have a history of pre-term labor and bedrest. Baby will already be 17 weeks tomorrow! So far everything is going well. We appreciate the extra prayers so much!

I am hoping...
now that I seem to be getting a little break from the severe morning sickness, and recovering from the viruses, to get back to a good school schedule with my little ones and our plans for this school year. I can't believe the school year is half over!

I am praying...
a special prayer, shared with me by a sweet friend, for all the pregnant mommas for whom I've promised to pray:

Heavenly Father, true source of light and hope, thank you for your many blessings of love. In this special time that I am with child I thank you especially for the gift of the precious life you have sent to our family. Please send your grace to my friends N., N., N. with child. Please help us, by your grace, to be pure of heart like Mary and unfailingly obedient to your law. I pray fervently for all of the unborn of the world and for their angels to escort them to the enlightenment of baptism. After the example of the holy family, please help our families to be light-bearers who will help to spread Your kingdom on earth, and by your grace, increase the number of those in heaven, where we pray to be with you for all eternity in the presence of your eternal light! We ask this through Christ Jesus, Our Lord. Amen.

Happy New Year's Eve!!! 🎉 I was really sick (the nausea was back with a vengeance) the past few days, but I'm feeling (mostly) better tonight and we are headed to a party! I had our daughter snap a picture of me and the baby. I'm pretty sure I felt her moving for the first time last night! ❤️ #15weekspregnant #ilookhuge #alreadyhadtopulloutmaternityclothes

I am reading…
lots of picture books about ❄️SNOW❄️ to our little ones! Some are set up on the hutch and the rest are in a basket in the living room.

Snowmen at NightSnowmen at ChristmasSnowmen at Work
A Day on SkatesOllie's Ski TripThe Story of the Snow ChildrenThe Mitten

I've also filled up our January book basket and tomorrow we will be reading the story of St. Felix and the Spider!

Pondering these words…
from St. John Paul II:

"Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence."

I am listening… 
to Christmas music! My boys have been setting up their Bose Speaker in the kitchen and connecting it to the playlists on either their iTouch and Mini iPad. It's been so nice!

Around the house...
Snow! Snow! Snow!

One of my favorite things...
homemade whipped cream, hot cocoa and peppermint candy canes on snowy days!

This week{end}'s plans...
  • Today is my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday! Wish we could be there to celebrate with her ♥
  • Our once every-two-month's Latin Mass is Sunday evening!
  • My baby brother and very first Godson turns TWENTY-ONE on Sunday!
  • Monday is a holiday, which means my husband will have the day off for my birthday this year!

A little peek at my day...


  1. Hi Jessica! So sorry you have been sick with morning sickness and viruses! UGGH! My husband and I were sick Christmas night into the next day, but we were thankful none of our kids were sick. Glad you are feeling better these days! You have been busy making such beautiful memories with all that gorgeous and cold snow! Continued prayers for Baby Gordon and you!

    2017-01-13 18:51:35

    1. Thank you, Tracy! Hope you are feeling better too and glad to hear your children didn't get sick. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! God bless you and your family!

      2017-01-14 17:26:36

  2. JMJ Hey there lovely! Glad knowing you are feeling better. As always, it's a joy to read the blog and see the photos of your lives. You look absolutely radiant carrying your unborn daughter and I couldn't be happier for you. Here's to a happy, healthy, and grace-filled 2017!

    2017-01-13 19:12:22

    1. Thank you, Carrie! I'm really looking forward to meeting this new little girl of ours! It's going to be an exciting year. :)

      2017-01-14 17:27:50

  3. Jessica, you look radiant in your picture! God bless you and the new life you are carrying inside you! The blog update is terrific! What fun for your children to play in the snow together. Blessings from above surround your home! Annette Tracy

    2017-01-13 19:29:45

    1. Thank you, Annette! They have been having such a blast in the snow. The sun came out yesterday and they spent the afternoon, after completing their school work, sledding again before it all melts.

      2017-01-14 17:30:20

  4. What a joy to see your beautiful family making the best memories. I really can't imagine how you took all those lovely pictures AND made yummy things to eat AND worked AND kept everyone looking joyous while you were sick. Grace, grace and more grace! You are one special mom :-)

    2017-01-13 20:56:07

    1. Thank you, Karen! I love being able to look through my camera lens and focus on the beauty and happiness all around, despite sickness and a messy home at times! ;) A couple of those snow days, when I was the sickest, my husband asked what I was doing out of bed, but I said I had to come out and take a few pictures of the snow and kids. (I did bundle up really good, and it was nice to breathe the cold fresh air for twenty minutes, but I was so weak that just walking through the snow was a challenge!) Our four oldest did most of the cooking while I was sick, but what I did do was documented! lol

      2017-01-14 17:40:09

  5. So glad the fallen trees etc didn't cause any damage for you all, tho' having such a long power outage is certainly a challenge! You look beautiful! So happy you all have been blessed with this new baby :-)

    2017-01-13 23:18:49

    1. Oh me too! So many people have so much damage to deal with... Trees over cars, houses, fences... We have removed most of the trees that were closest to our home and my husband (he's a forester) has trimmed many of the other trees on our property, so the branches that broke around our property were minimal, though we do have a couple big trees we were concerned about. I was also so grateful that the power didn't go out during the first storm, and I was finally starting to recover from that awful virus when it did during the second storm... Not sure how I would have been able to breathe without the steam from the shower, diffuser, and being able to warm up the heat pack in the microwave for the sinus headaches that first week of being sick. Definitely a reminder that having power is such a blessing! :) I can still hardly believe that we are having another baby but we are all very excited to meet this new little girl! ♥

      2017-01-14 17:56:32

  6. Such a wonderful snowy post! Your children look like they are having the time of their lives playing in God's beautiful creation! This takes me back to our children and their childhood sledding and now my husband goes sledding with our little grandsons! Winter time is so much fun for children of all ages! Your photos of your home and winter wonderland are so pretty. I love the assortment of snow books you are reading to your little ones. My favorite has always been "A Day on Skates". It is an enchanting story and I am especially fond of Hilda van Stockum as I am also of Dutch descent. I will continue to keep you and your tiny precious one in my daily prayers. I was sorry to hear that you were not feeling well with colds and the flu over the Christmas season. May God keep you healthy this winter Jessica.

    2017-01-14 01:11:30

    1. They have been having so much fun! I don't know if you noticed "Rose" getting hit with all that snow (intended for me) in the second to last picture, but even she was still smiling afterwards! And it was so nice that they could come inside and warm up when they started getting cold. Thank you for the prayers, I appreciate them so very much! God bless you and all your family too!

      2017-01-14 18:00:58

  7. What a great group of pictures! You look fantastic! Congratulations!!

    2017-01-14 05:02:40

    1. Thank you, Genevieve! I feel like I look about six months pregnant, instead of four, but I guess that's what happens after all these pregnancies :) I'm just so thankful that I've made it past the first trimester this time!

      2017-01-14 18:04:27

  8. The kids seam to be loving the snow! You look fantastic! Glad you are feeling better :)

    2017-01-14 07:10:46

    1. Thank you, Marie! When my daughter showed me the picture I said I look really tired... She just replied, "Well, aren't you?" lol

      2017-01-14 18:04:47

  9. Good health to you and yours, Jessica; God bless you and your coming babe; placid days to you.

    2017-01-14 08:12:58

    1. Thank you so much, Valerie! God bless you and your family too! ♥

      2017-01-14 18:05:33

  10. Jessica, I can't get over how massive the downed trees were! So glad you were able to have power restored. We just had our generator serviced here in Virginia, and I never have had a generator on a home before (we live in an area which is also prone to downed trees). My point being that to maintain and service this generator has been an added expense we have never had and I guess I have never heard of a backup generator? So you basically maintain two for Oregon country living???? Also...I borrowed your snowman pancake idea for my son's fifth fun and easy! Thank you for sharing! God Bless!

    2017-01-14 20:17:48

    1. I know! And those trees are actually pretty small compared to some of the other downed oak and pines we saw in some of our neighbors yards and across fences! As for the generator, I meant backup generator as in a backup power system. We don't currently have a back up power system/generator at all right now. I'm so glad your family enjoyed the snowman pancakes! Happy birthday to your son!

      2017-01-15 01:31:40

    2. Lol! That was probably all me misreading, you will LOVE a backup power source!

      2017-01-15 22:01:13

  11. What an interesting post. I hope the morning sickness is behind you. Your family looked so happy playing in the snow. i love the snowmen pancakes. a real cute idea. Blessings on you and your family especially that little one soon to,come. God Bless Marion

    2017-01-14 21:43:20

    1. Thank you, Marion! I do have some morning sickness, but not nearly as bad as it was. I'm so grateful for the break. The last few months felt like an eternity! :)

      2017-01-15 01:32:44

  12. This post is a fun one. The children look so happy and obviously enjoying themselves. Hope you are feeling better soon. Those pancakes look delicious. Thanks for sharing this post of your children having a good time in the snow. Marilyn

    2017-01-14 23:39:30

  13. Jessica, you look beautiful! Are you still homeschooling or are your children in public school? You are an inspiration, love all your creative ways of incorporating our beautiful faith!!!

    2017-01-15 00:57:57

    1. Thank you, Kit! Yes, we are still homeschooling. :)

      2017-01-15 01:24:25

  14. Loving all your snow pictures but my favourite is the last!! Frame worthy. Love catching up on your doings. People tell me their favourite posts on my blog are the daybooks, and I'd have to say the same about yours, always put aside time to read your daybooks

    2017-01-15 09:47:42

    1. Thank you, Erin! I really love that last picture too. Makes me smile every time I look at it! :) I'm always amazed at our opposite seasons - while we've been enjoying the snow and trying to stay warm your children have been having fun swimming!

      2017-01-15 17:01:39

    2. Mine have never seen snow. It's actually been too hot till swim till nearly dark, we've just had a heat wave of 104F days!

      2017-01-15 21:55:15

  15. A blessed and joy-filled birthday to you, Jessica! I was excited to see in our (FSSP) parish bulletin that our pastor offered his Mass today for YOU! That is such a beautiful gift to receive.

    2017-01-16 15:49:59


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