Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Blessings

Beautiful birthday roses from my husband this morning!

The girls baked and decorated this gorgeous and 100% AIP Raspberry Cake!
(Update: They used this recipe from Autoimmune Wellness, substituting applesauce for the apple puree.) 

They also made AIP Raspberry Lemon Gummies adapted from the Cherry Lime Gummies in The Healing Kitchen!

They were able to fit all 39 candles on the 6" cake!
... and I was able to blow them all out before they melted.


My family all spoiled me today with beautiful cards, thoughtful gifts, special meals, and even Masses offered for me by my brother-in-laws! I've been so blessed! 



  1. Happy Birthday Jessica!!!! The girls did a BEAUTIFUL job on the cake! It looks so pretty and yummy!

    2017-01-17 06:09:31

  2. Happy birthday, Jessica! God bless you and all your family and the little baby, I've prayed for you all. Thank you for your testimony that inspire me while mom. Saint Therese of liseux, pray for us. Hugs from Brazil.

    2017-01-17 13:37:31

  3. I'm so impressed with that CAKE! Brava to your girls--you've been such a wonderful example to them.

    2017-01-17 13:39:09

  4. Happy Birthday Jessica! May our sweet Lord bless you in every way and may you rejoice in His tender love for you. Just looking at those beaming faces in the photos tells me you are surrounded by messengers of His love! God bless all of you!

    2017-01-17 15:03:23

  5. Happy Birthday, Jessica! Your girls did a beautiful job on the cake and gummies!

    2017-01-17 15:51:03

  6. That last photo is such a treasure. Such blessings! God bless you on your birthday and always!

    2017-01-17 15:59:42

  7. Quite impressive! Beautiful cake! What a wonderful day and blessings! Happy birthday again!

    2017-01-17 16:10:03

  8. You deserve every blessing Jessica :-) Happy Birthday!

    2017-01-17 17:23:33

  9. Your girls are so, so, so awesome! You have no idea. Or maybe you do. ;-) Happy belated!

    2017-01-17 20:25:55

  10. God bless your daughters for making you such a nice cake. What a special celebration! :)

    2017-01-17 22:38:39

  11. Wishing you a day of happiness and a year of blessings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA

    2017-01-17 23:54:47

  12. What a lovely day! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! God bless!

    2017-01-18 00:37:27

  13. Have a great birthday. May you have a year of blessings, happiness,peace and love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA Marilyn

    2017-01-18 02:42:42

  14. Happy Birthday, dear Jessica! It looks like you had a most lovely day. That cake looks scrumptious, and that last picture of all of you is just perfectly beautiful. May God grant you many happy, healthy, blessed years!

    2017-01-18 03:19:28

  15. Happy birthday!!! Praying for God's finest blessings!

    2017-01-18 12:08:41

  16. Happy Birthday! May God bless you abundantly! <3

    2017-01-18 19:56:39

  17. It is beautiful to see all the time and love you poured into your children when they were little being returned back to you as they get older. You've sowed generously and you will reap an abundance of blessings!

    2017-01-19 00:59:57

  18. Just BEAUTIFUL! A special Birth Day for a very Special Mom. Your birthday cake looks scrumptious! A most Blessed belated Happy Birthday to you.

    2017-01-25 04:22:37


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