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All Saints Guessing Jars {18 More Saints!}

The All Saints Guessing Jars have been such a hit at our past All Hallows' Eve Parties.  Last year we coordinated the jars to (mostly) match the third edition of our All Saints Scavenger Hunt.

It's always so fun looking for ways to connect yummy treats to saints and their symbols. We also made sure to include the saints who had been recently canonized! We included Candy Watches for St. Louis Martin, Lace Cameos for St. Marie-Azelie Martin, and Chocolate Mission Bells for St. Junipero Serra.

As usual I used my Wide Mouth Mason Jars with White Storage Lids for each jar.

There were a couple tags I made that I didn't get around to filling jars for: candy spiders for St. Felix inspired by the book Saint Felix and the Spider and candy roses for St. Elizabeth of Hungary inspired by Roses in the Snow. Maybe this year! 

Here are some pictures of this jars all filled and ready for the party:    

St. Louis Martin ::  Candy Watches

Together with his holy wife, this watchmaker nurtured the sanctity of all their children, but especially their youngest, a Carmelite Saint known to us as the Little Flower who wrote: "God gave me a father and mother more worthy of heaven than of earth."

Together with his holy wife, this watchmaker nurtured the sanctity of all their
children, but especially their youngest, a Carmelite Saint known to us as the Little
Flower who wrote "God gave me a father and a mother more worthy of heaven
than o
f earth
St. Marie-Azélie Martin :: Lace Cameos

After repeated attempts to enter religious life, she became a highly skilled lacemaker. Canonized in October 2015, she and her husband are the only married couple ever to become Saints at the same time. 

St. Lucy:: Chocolate Eyeballs

Virgin and martyr who is invoked by persons suffering from eye trouble. Her name derives from the Latin word for light. 

St. Cloud :: Mini-Marshmallow "Clouds"

Grandson of Clovis, King of the Franks. The English form of his name Clodoald is also the patronage name of a Minnesota town. 

St. Junipero Serra :: Chocolate Mission Bells

Spanish Franciscan missionary who founded nine California missions. 

Sts. Mary & Martha :: M&M's

These two sisters were close friends of Jesus. 


St. George :: Hot Tamales

Suffered martyrdom and revered as a patron Saints of the Crusades. He is often depicted slaying a fire-breathing dragon. 

Madonna and Child with Six Saints :: Sixlets 

Art historians call this kind of painting a "sacra conversazione," a holy conversation, as the saints are seen 'conversing' with Mary and Jesus in heaven. 

St. Brigid :: Chick-O-Sticks and Cow Tales

Revered as one of Ireland's three patron saints, she is now for spreading monasticism throughout Ireland.

St. Modomnoc ::  Bit-O-Honey

Responsible for the introduction of bees in Ireland. 

Sts. Cyril & Methodius :: Alphabet Cookies from Trader Joe's

Two brothers who became missionaries. One of them invented an alphabet, still used in some Eastern liturgies. 

St. Benedict ::  Lifesavers

The Rule he developed prescribed a life of liturgical prayer, study, manual labor and living together in community under a common father (abbot) and is still used in many monasteries and convents around the world. From his cell, he envisioned a drowning and ordered the victim's rescue. 

Sts. Cosmas & Damian :: Twix (The name Twix is a portmanteau of twin biscuits, or 'twin bix')

Twin brothers who suffered martyrdom in Syria during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian. 

St. Thomas Aquinas "The Dumb Ox" ::  Dum-Dums

Though he was ridiculed for his humility during youth as "the dumb ox", he became a Doctor of the Church. 

St. Elizabeth of Hungary ::  Candy Roses (not pictured above)

While taking bread to the poor in secret, she was asked to reveal what was hidden under her cloak. Upon unfolding the cloak a vision of white and red roses appeared thereby proving God's protecting hand at work. 

St. Christopher ::  Big Hunks! ;)

To keep each person's guesses secret I also created little sheets of paper for each contestant to write their name and guess, before folding it in half and dropping it into an empty jar or bag with a matching label.

I ended up having extras so we used some for the party and then had a second round the following evening for our family All Saints celebration.

Here are the links to the free printable documents: 

Here are the links to some of our past All Saints Guessing Jars:


  1. Candy watches!! Need to order those! Thank you so much for these and ALL the other printables you share!

    2016-10-29 00:26:27

  2. These ideas are so inspiring! A beautiful way to get the kids excited about the Saints. Thank you!

    2016-10-29 03:34:21

  3. These are so much fun!! I'm going to look for chocolate eyeballs now for my own little Lucy! I've loved bringing some of these ideas to our homeschool group's All Saints party the past few years - thank you for such fun ideas.

    2016-10-29 04:20:18

  4. Thanks for sharing. I was reading and all pouty that we don't have anyone to do an All Saints' Party with when I read your line about having leftovers and having a family celebration. Perfect!! On Tuesday at lunch we'll have our own little celebration with prayers and then this awesome guessing game.

    2016-10-29 11:52:49

  5. Okay, I thought of another one while looking at the candy section in the store today... Andes mint candies for St. Teresa of the Andes!

    2016-10-30 02:01:45

  6. Oh Jessica, I love, love, LOVE these!!! I hosted an All Saints Day party at our church last year and the guessing jars were a hit! It was so fun going through all of the ones you had posted in prior years and picking out what I was going to do. This year I didn't have the time or energy to coordinate an All Saints Day party at our parish, but providentially, a woman at a different parish saw pictures of our party on our website and e-mailed me asking if we could talk about all that goes into hosting a party. She was so fun to work with. I basically kept pointing her over and over to the links and printables I used on your page. And we are going to her party tomorrow. I love it...none of the work (I needed to take a breather this year), but I still get to go to one. I am hoping to plan another one at our parish next year and I definitely want to use some of these ideas for a new round of Guessing Jars!!!! Thank you and God Bless!!

    2016-10-30 02:32:00

    1. Absolutely! We won't be hosting our annual All Hallows' Eve Party for the first time in many years ... I just don't have the energy this year ;'( ...but we'll still be celebrating as a family! Hope you all have a very blessed and happy feast of All Saints!

      2016-10-30 21:56:03

  7. Hi Jessica! I love the new jar ideas! I am preparing jars for our party next weekend and was trying to think of ideas for St. Zelie. The only thing I could come up with to resemble lace was pizzelle cookies but so far have not seen minis that would fit in a jar. Thanks for the cameo idea! I have a few more to share that we are doing this year: an Our Lady of Fatima jar filled with miraculous suns (circular orange gel candies) and St. Teresa of Calcutta jars filled with charitable hearts (heart shaped candies) or pennies for the poor (ju ju coins). Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

    2016-10-31 02:06:55

  8. Oh and I forgot...last year we used chocolate rock candy for St. Peter. Upon this rock... :)

    2016-10-31 02:09:17

  9. Thanks for this amazing idea. I used it but updated it for high school visual literacy with saint iconography. Here is the challenge I came up with. Thanks again for sharing such a cool idea!

    2016-10-31 16:50:41

  10. Great game, enjoyed by all the kids. I'm thinking of trying a healthier version of this game e.g. use olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes etc...

    2016-10-31 23:19:12

  11. Just wanted to pass on another idea for St. Louis and Zelie that I just thought of (since I didn't have time to order watches or order a mold ;). I mentioned on the jar that they are the first married couple to be canonized together and I used "wedding rings" (ring pops) for the candy in the jar. They are a little big, but fitting just fine. An easier jar to guess for little kids. :)

    I also found chocolate tools at a local store for a St. Joseph jar! It's always fun to walk around and see what you find. I also saw some rainbow candies that made me think of Noah and God's promise with the rainbow. :) Maybe next year...

    2016-11-05 03:35:32


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