Monday, October 31, 2016

Celebrating the Saints :: Our 2016 Costumes

St. Olaf, St. Philomena, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. Andrew the Apostle
All Saints in Heaven, Pray for us! 

I took these pictures on our way to our parish's Trunk-or-Treat and Carnival last Friday night and our children will be wearing them again this evening when we head out to my parents home for the evening.  This is the first year in many years that I won't be hosting our annual All Hallows' Eve party... I'm really sad that I had to cancel it, but I've between working on my health and working so many extra hours, I just don't have the energy this year. Our kids all understand and are very excited to go out to Grandpa and Grandma's.  I just got off the phone with my mom and she is busy in the kitchen making Soup, Chili, Spice Cake, Rice Krispies Treats, and even Caramel Apples!  I'll be bringing along a few games including Saints Bingo and some new All Saints Guessing Jars.

Other than ordering a new St. Teresa costume for our oldest daughter, following the canonization of Mother Teresa, we hadn't put any thought or energy into this year's costumes... Friday afternoon we finally pulled out our two costume boxes and threw together costumes before heading to the church. This is one of those years when I've been very grateful to have a nice collection to choose from!

.: St. Teresa of Calcutta :. 

Twinkle Toes (age 13) dressed as St. Teresa of Calcutta

Costume:  from Our Coats of Many Colors 
(Over the years we have built a well-loved collection of costumes from Our Coats of Many Colors.)
This was a repeat of her 2010 Costume... She was so little back then!
The recently canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta won the prize for the best saint costume!  

.: St. Philomena :. 

Chiquita (age 11) dressed as St. Philomena

Costume: For her costume she used the same dress as last year, but turned it around so it was solid blue in the front. (You can find the Blue Renaissance Princess Costume in a size medium over at Amazon - it's an amazing price right now... Only $12 and I paid over $30!) We tucked in the hood from a red cape that I had used for a costume years ago, for her to wear over the dress. She added our Adjustable Garland of Roses and then made an Anchor/Arrow/Lily using this tutorial

.: St. Olaf :. 

Snuggles (age 9) as St. Olaf 

Costume: I had picked up this Viking Costume on a post-Halloween sale at Gymboree a couple years ago. It was too big on Snuggles, but we made it work. He tucked in the way-to-big pants into a pair of his older sister's old boots and added his younger brother's Shield and Sword. An ax would have more accurately represented the images of St. Olaf, but we were sticking what we had on hand. 

.: St. Elizabeth of Hungary :. 

Rose (age 6) as St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Costume: Dress from 2009 St. Margaret of Scotland costume, Veil from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Brigid costume, Crown from a craft on her 4th Birthday party, a basket filled with some rolls from the store and Crocheted Wool Rosary Roses from The Fig and Thimble pinned around the edges. 

.: St. Andrew the Apostle :. 

Bud (age 4) as St. Andrew

Costume:  Tunic from one of my sibling's childhood saint costumes, shoulder drape repurposed from St. Luke/St. Paul. Ranger and Twinkle Toes made him a X shaped Cross out of cardboard and Chiquita drew a couple fish and attached them to some yarn to finish his costume. He loved it! 

Considering how little time we spent on the costumes, I thought they all came together beautifully!

Our high schoolers didn't dress up, but they are wearing the "saintly" t-shirts that they received in their Easter Baskets earlier this year! Ranger (14) is wearing his St. Peter (and all the popes) t-Shirt and Captain (16) is wearing his St. Benedict t-shirt.  

Happy All Hallows' Eve and Feast of All Saints! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Picture Book for Our November Book Basket: Saints on the Go! {Review & Giveaway}

We are getting ready to celebrate All Saints Day (November 1st) and I have a beautiful brand new book to add to Our November Book Basket this year! Like the author's previous book, The Virgin Mary Around the World and all the coordinating dolls, my little ones are going to love seeing more of their favorite dolls pictured in this story while learning interesting little facts about each of the saints lives. 

The feast of St. Martin de Porres is also coming up this week on November 3rd! 

In addition to Saint Martin de PorresSaint Teresa of Calcutta, and Saint Padre Pio, this book also features St. Joan of Arc, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Bosco, St. Francis Xavier Cabrini, St. Katherine Drexel, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Josemaria Escriva, and St. Pope John Paul II.

.: Giveaway :. 

Shining Light Dolls has generously offered to send one of my visitors a copy of Saints on the Go! plus three of the saints featured in this brand new book: Saint Martin de Porres Shining Light Doll, Saint Padre Pio Shining Light Doll, and the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Shining Light Doll.

Please enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter box below: 

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You can find our complete list of saint books for the month of November here:

Friday, October 28, 2016

All Saints Guessing Jars {18 More Saints!}

The All Saints Guessing Jars have been such a hit at our past All Hallows' Eve Parties.  Last year we coordinated the jars to (mostly) match the third edition of our All Saints Scavenger Hunt.

It's always so fun looking for ways to connect yummy treats to saints and their symbols. We also made sure to include the saints who had been recently canonized! We included Candy Watches for St. Louis Martin, Lace Cameos for St. Marie-Azelie Martin, and Chocolate Mission Bells for St. Junipero Serra.

As usual I used my Wide Mouth Mason Jars with White Storage Lids for each jar.

There were a couple tags I made that I didn't get around to filling jars for: candy spiders for St. Felix inspired by the book Saint Felix and the Spider and candy roses for St. Elizabeth of Hungary inspired by Roses in the Snow. Maybe this year! 

Here are some pictures of this jars all filled and ready for the party:    

St. Louis Martin ::  Candy Watches

Together with his holy wife, this watchmaker nurtured the sanctity of all their children, but especially their youngest, a Carmelite Saint known to us as the Little Flower who wrote: "God gave me a father and mother more worthy of heaven than of earth."

Together with his holy wife, this watchmaker nurtured the sanctity of all their
children, but especially their youngest, a Carmelite Saint known to us as the Little
Flower who wrote "God gave me a father and a mother more worthy of heaven
than o
f earth
St. Marie-Azélie Martin :: Lace Cameos

After repeated attempts to enter religious life, she became a highly skilled lacemaker. Canonized in October 2015, she and her husband are the only married couple ever to become Saints at the same time. 

St. Lucy:: Chocolate Eyeballs

Virgin and martyr who is invoked by persons suffering from eye trouble. Her name derives from the Latin word for light. 

St. Cloud :: Mini-Marshmallow "Clouds"

Grandson of Clovis, King of the Franks. The English form of his name Clodoald is also the patronage name of a Minnesota town. 

St. Junipero Serra :: Chocolate Mission Bells

Spanish Franciscan missionary who founded nine California missions. 

Sts. Mary & Martha :: M&M's

These two sisters were close friends of Jesus. 


St. George :: Hot Tamales

Suffered martyrdom and revered as a patron Saints of the Crusades. He is often depicted slaying a fire-breathing dragon. 

Madonna and Child with Six Saints :: Sixlets 

Art historians call this kind of painting a "sacra conversazione," a holy conversation, as the saints are seen 'conversing' with Mary and Jesus in heaven. 

St. Brigid :: Chick-O-Sticks and Cow Tales

Revered as one of Ireland's three patron saints, she is now for spreading monasticism throughout Ireland.

St. Modomnoc ::  Bit-O-Honey

Responsible for the introduction of bees in Ireland. 

Sts. Cyril & Methodius :: Alphabet Cookies from Trader Joe's

Two brothers who became missionaries. One of them invented an alphabet, still used in some Eastern liturgies. 

St. Benedict ::  Lifesavers

The Rule he developed prescribed a life of liturgical prayer, study, manual labor and living together in community under a common father (abbot) and is still used in many monasteries and convents around the world. From his cell, he envisioned a drowning and ordered the victim's rescue. 

Sts. Cosmas & Damian :: Twix (The name Twix is a portmanteau of twin biscuits, or 'twin bix')

Twin brothers who suffered martyrdom in Syria during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian. 

St. Thomas Aquinas "The Dumb Ox" ::  Dum-Dums

Though he was ridiculed for his humility during youth as "the dumb ox", he became a Doctor of the Church. 

St. Elizabeth of Hungary ::  Candy Roses (not pictured above)

While taking bread to the poor in secret, she was asked to reveal what was hidden under her cloak. Upon unfolding the cloak a vision of white and red roses appeared thereby proving God's protecting hand at work. 

St. Christopher ::  Big Hunks! ;)

To keep each person's guesses secret I also created little sheets of paper for each contestant to write their name and guess, before folding it in half and dropping it into an empty jar or bag with a matching label.

I ended up having extras so we used some for the party and then had a second round the following evening for our family All Saints celebration.

Here are the links to the free printable documents: 

Here are the links to some of our past All Saints Guessing Jars: