Friday, September 16, 2016

LEGO Ideas :: Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-Thru

Last month Ranger built this Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-Thru to submit to LEGO Ideas!

I've been having so much fun, the last couple times I've picked up drinks, pulling out my phone and sharing the pictures with the baristas! They all have gotten so excited over all the perfect little details. "Check out the espresso maker inside!" . . . "Look! He even has our blue cup lids!" . . .  "This looks more like our stand than our actual stand!" . . .  "There's [name], our delivery guy!!!" . . . One of them even said: "This is the BEST job application EVER! How old is he? Fourteen? Tell him that in two years from now, if he wants a job, he's hired!"  Hahaha!

I'll let him tell you a little more about the set he created:

"This is a LEGO Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-Thru. The reason I built this set is because I love Dutch Bros. Coffee, not only their drinks, but also their crazy happy and enthusiastic employees. It’s impossible to leave the drive-thru without a smile, plus a free drink on your birthday! This set would be a great addition to your LEGO town/city. 

Dutch Bros. Coffee was founded locally here in Southern Oregon in the year 1991. It is now the largest privately held drive-thru coffee chain in the United States!

The Dutch Bros. Coffee menu includes hot coffees (my favorite is the Kicker!), real fruit smoothies, blended drinks, infused teas (hot and iced), sodas, hot chocolate or “Not-So-Hot”, and more!

Set includes:
  • Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-Thru
  • Two vehicles (Sprinter delivery van and Mercedes Sedan)
  • Four minifigures (Two Dutch Bros. Coffee employees, a deliveryman, and a customer)
  • Dutch Bros. Coffee business sign
  • The LEGO Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-Thru is built on a 32x32 base plate. The roof is detachable and the inside includes a coffee machine, coffee cups and lids, a refrigerator with opening doors, and desk with computer and cash register.

The LEGO Dutch Bros. delivery van seats one and has three working doors, one in the back for loading and unloading cargo, and two doors in the front, one on each side. The LEGO Sedan seats one and features two opening doors and a detachable roof.

Please support this project! It will make a great new addition to your LEGO town. "

LEGO Ideas wasn't quite as enthusiastic about his original submission and he had to make a few little changes before submitting it a second time

Here are the links to some of his past original LEGO creations including: 

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