Saturday, August 27, 2016

LEGO Ideas :: Ancient History Inspired Mini City

While I was up in Portland last Saturday, Ranger sent me some pictures of a miniature LEGO Architecture style Parthenon he was building inspired by his Metal Earth Parthenon. (You can see a picture of him building it here - he was so little! - and also see it on his bookshelf here.)  By the time I got back home on Sunday evening he had completed a whole little mini city to submit to LEGO Ideas

There were a few things that he should have fixed... For example, the Parthenon is in Greece, not Rome, and he titled his idea "Ancient Rome."  Whoops! I need to make sure that history teacher of his starts incorporating more maps and geography! ;)  ... but overall I thought it turned out really neat!

Some of the LEGO he used for this creation came from Lincoln Memorial and the Louvre.

You can find more of his past original LEGO creations in the archives including: 

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  1. beautiful! wish I could support it on Ideas!


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