Thursday, July 21, 2016

Captain America's Shield :: An Avenger Themed Birthday Cake {Dye-Free}

After making a Thor's Hammer for Ranger's Thor Birthday Party earlier this year, I knew I had to make a Captain America Birthday Cake for Captain's 16th birthday! After looking through various ideas (and being inspired by one of Charlotte's recent cakes!) I decided to make an M&M's version (the M&M's Archery Cake I made last year was easy and turned out great!) but this time I wanted to use Little Secrets Chocolates instead with "NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING."


To get started decorating I lightly pressed a star cookie cutter into the center of the cake and then did the same thing with a round cereal bowl, to use the marks as guides for the candy. I filled in the star with white candies, inserting one side of each candy into the frosting, surrounded the star with a circle of blue candy, then created three rings - two red and one white - to finish the shield. 

It wasn't as quick as the Captain American Berry Cheesecake, but still pretty quick and easy, and apparently "really impressive!" according to one of the boys' friends who came into the kitchen to get a drink of water when I was just about finished! 

I purchased the candy locally at Natural Grocers. Little Secrets are also available from Amazon. I didn't have enough of the white peppermint candies in the cupboard and they are currently out-of-stock at my local store (the red & white peppermint might be a seasonal flavor?) so I filled in the star with white M&M's, found on clearance from the 4th of July. 

Next time I use Little Secrets to decorate a cake I need to make sure and decorate it the same day as the birthday party. I made this one the night before, while the boys were enjoying a Captain America Movie Night with their friends, and when I took it out of the fridge for the party the next evening it looked like it had been in deep freeze with Steve... 

You can find the rest of Captain's 16th birthday pictures here: 
and here:  

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