Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Reading...

... on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! 

It seems like every time I look outside lately the kids are all either playing badminton, watering the garden, or reading on the patio... We finally made it down to the library last Thursday to sign up for the summer reading program and I'm hoping to print out some of our Summer Bingo cards to start tomorrow. They are all really enjoying their summer break!

Twinkle Toes is working her way through my childhood collection of Nancy Drew books. 

Chiquita is really enjoying The Puffin in Bloom Collection she received for her birthday a couple months ago and is already over 500 pages into Little Women

Snuggles started another one of his Christmas books and is currently enjoying

We have the original OOP hardcover edition but I'm so excited to see that Hillside Education has recently republished this book along with a whole bunch of other titles from the American Background Series (biographical fiction about Catholic heroes in American history). To quote Hillside, "These books were printed over a span of 20 years in the 50s and 60s specifically for a Catholic audience. They are biographical in nature, but told like a fiction novel."

I know what's going to be showing up in this year's Stacks of Books for Christmas. You can check them all out over at Amazon {affiliate links}:

We also started a couple new read alouds this week. Author (and dear friend) Suzie Andres gave us these copies of The Adventures of Nathaniel B. Oakes and Never Squeeze a Honeybee: The Continuing Adventures of Nathaniel B. Oakes on Easter Sunday. I started reading the first book to four of the children and by the end of the first chapter I had captured the attention of six of our seven children! (Captain was outside re-reading Ranger's Apprentice otherwise he probably would have started listening too.) So far we are all enjoying these fun books, about a big family living on a farm, written by a homeschool dad! 

Additional book lists from the archives: 

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