Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet the Masters :: Rosa Bonheur

I'm bouncing around a bit as I catch up on sharing some of the artists we studied this past school year... Rosa Bonheur is the 5th and final artist featured in Track C.  
We completed the unit study for ages 10-Adult in May, just before the end of our school year. 
(It was very challenging for the younger children under 10... They ended up needing a little help getting started on the art project.) 

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Rosa Bonheur (boe-NER)

French Painter (1822-1899)

Rosa Bonheur's love of animals is shown in her realistic paintings. Nature was her favorite subject. We studied symmetry, texture, and value through her warm, inviting paintings.

Art Activity Emphasis: Realistic Drawing of Animals

Media: Chalk

Vocabulary: Realistic, earth-tones, value, highlights, shadow, texture, detail

.: Art Supplies :.

One 9"x 9" light, medium, or dark brown construction paper
(Students choose from an assortment of shades of brown. A couple of my children choose yellow.)
Paper Towel
Oil Pastels
Masking Tape
Completed Learning Packet

Junior Artist 50 Piece Oil Pastels

.: Practice Technique - Symmetrical Shapes, Drawing a Lion :.

When Bud realized that the art project was about lions he ran to get a piece from one of his favorite wooden puzzles. He insisted that his art project needed to match his puzzle piece! 

.: Art Project - The King of the Desert :.

At one point, Rose, Chiquita and Snuggles said "this art project is TOO HARD!" They persevered and, with a little help and encouragement, ended up really enjoying the rest of the project. 

The older kids nicknamed Rose's lion "Howard." 

I drew the outline and let Bud color his puzzle piece inspired lion. He loved it! 
(Our puzzle was a gift from my mom. It's similar to this one, but less animals and with wooden pegs.)

We celebrated the completion of our final art unit study for the 2015-2016 school year with donuts! 

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