Thursday, June 16, 2016

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We had so much fun celebrating my {pretty} little sister's college graduation last weekend!  

From her Facebook post: 

What a journey.

It all began with a half scholarship to University of Dallas in Texas starting out as a biology major in pursuit of physical therapy. 
After a year of liberal arts classes, amazing friendships, working at the coffee bar, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Rome for a semester. During this time I was able to SOMEHOW by the grace of God manage a 3.8 GPA AND travel to 5 additional Countries! Upon returning from Rome, I decided that University of Dallas was too far from home and didn't have the exact college program I wanted. 
I transferred to Oregon State University and changed my major to Exercise Sport Science. I am more than grateful that I took the risk of living with my best friend. Together we took some of the most challenging and amazing classes including Chemistry and Anatomy ;) 
I was able to pay the majority of my schooling thanks to babysitting and waitressing at amazing places like Flat Tail and the Corvallis Country club. Thanks to also working at Coffee Culture I was able to stay caffeinated and energetic in my classes after I FINALLY changed my major to Public Health- Health Promotion/Health Behavior. 
After 5 years of travel, education, friendships, and the NEWMAN CATHOLIC CENTER (my foundation in Corvallis), I finally got my Bachelor's of Science =)
Excited to see what God has in store for me next. 
-Deo Gratias.


The kids were very happy to be playing a game of kickball at Grandpa & Grandma's with so many of their aunts and uncles! 


My amazing parents with 8 of their 12 children. I love my {big, crazy & definitely funny} family!


Homeschooling definitely has it's perks, along with occasional complications... Last week the boys received their Varsity Letters for golf. This afternoon we picked up their Varsity Letters for ice hockey. Now they will have to decide which high school's letterman jacket they'd prefer, because they are way too expensive to buy two of each! #homeschoolproblems 
#twolettermanjackets #varsityasfreshmen

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