Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet the Masters :: Joan Miró

"I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, 
like notes that shape music." ~ Joan Miró

Joan Miró is the third artist featured in Track C. We initially skipped over him and moved ahead to study Rembrandt, but ended up going back to complete this unit study last month as well. 

We used the lesson for ages 10-Adult, and only my oldest four completed this particular unit study, while the youngest three continued reading a book they had been enjoying.

Before I get back to the older kids art project, here is one more picture from later that afternoon, after they had finished watering the garden. The Making of a Knight was one of Snuggles' favorites from this past school year.  Rose pulled out one of her favorite pop-up books and Bud pulled out one of their knight costumes and his sword. ♥

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Joan Miró ("Juan" mee-ROE)

Spanish Painter (1893-1983)

Anything is possible in the dreamlike, imaginative world of Surrealist Miro! For this Spanish artist, feelings were more important than realism. His imagination gave him a magician's touch of changing the nature, size, and meaning of whatever he came across in real life.

Art Activity Emphasis: Abstract, Surrealistic Shapes

Media: Paper Cutouts and Markers

Vocabulary: Surrealism, Mood, Abstract, Shape, Overlap, Squiggle, Line, Foreground, Background, Contours, Still Life

.: Art Supplies :.

One 12"x18" sheet of newsprint (placemat)
Three 6" x 9" pieces of construction paper in the following colors: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow
One 12" x 18" sheet of white construction paper
Paper towel
Black Markers (extra-fine pointed tip) 
Red or Blue (we used Blue or Yellow) powdered tempera paint and Cotton balls (Sprinkle 3 small shakes on each sheet of newsprint at the appropriate time during the lesson.)

.: Practice Technique - Abstract Shapes, Overlapping Shapes and Lines, and Abstract Drawing  :.

.: Art Project - Surrealistic Artwork :.

"Would you like to use your imagination even more and think up a title for your artwork?" 

Charlie Brown Garage Sale by Captain

Stargazer - "A Mixture of Confusion and Madness" - by Ranger

In the Clouds by Twinkle Toes

Catch of the Day - "Peaceful and Exciting" - by Chiquita

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