Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Medieval Castle Cake & Brave Knights Cupcakes

Yesterday we celebrated Snuggles' 9th birthday! He requested a Knights & Dragons theme and asked if I could please make him a castle cake this year. 

At first we thought would wait until his older brothers get back from summer camp later this week to have his themed party, but at the last minute we decided to just have the celebration on his actual birthday as always and just save his brothers some cake. So, early yesterday morning, I loaded up the car and we all drove to the store for the rest of the supplies! 

I wanted to keep it a little simpler than the last castle cake I made, and preferably with a little less food coloring. I combined and/or modified some ideas I had seen online (I pinned them here) and was very happy with how the cake came together!

Here is what I ended up using: 

I baked one box of cake mix in each of the 9x9 bakers and split the third cake mix between the two small round pans and 8 cupcakes. 

I purchased this darling Brave Knights Cupcake Kit and used 8 of the cupcakes cases and eight toppers, saving the rest for another time. 

After the cakes and cupcakes had cooled I trimmed the tops of the cakes and flipped over one to place on the top of the other.

I decided to cut a small half circle out of each corner of the square cake for the cookie/cone towers.

I placed the 2 small circle cakes on top of the square bottom and frosted the cake with a layer of chocolate frosting. I popped it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to seal in all the crumbs while I sprayed the cones and Chessmen cookies with some gold color mist. 

I added a second layer of frosting, smoothing it out the best that I could (I stink at frosting cakes), and then placed the Oreos and Gold Sugar Cones in each corner. 

I placed the two Chessman cookies, pretzel sticks, and KitKat at the front of the cake to create the doors and drawbridge, and then finished the cake with some KitKat minis around the top edges of both cakes. 

The birthday boy took care of the rest, adding the Knights & Dragons

I'll be back soon with the rest of the pictures from his Medieval Knights & Dragons birthday party! 

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