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Sponsor Love :: Quarterly Update & Current Specials {scroll to the bottom for a little giveaway!}

It is already May 1st and time for another quarterly update here at Shower of Roses! I have quite a few changes this quarter.. Some of my sponsors have decided to take a break to welcome new babies, enjoy the summer months and family vacations, or focus on other aspects of their businesses, so I had some ad spaces open up!

I am so excited to introduce you to all my new sponsors, and share some awesome specials and coupon codes as well! With Mother's Day, First Holy Communions, and Confirmations right around the corner, please keep all of these great businesses in mind when searching for faith filled gifts!

Please welcome my new sponsors for this quarter:

Shining Light Dolls
"Shining Light Dolls is dedicated to bringing high quality religious dolls to children of all ages! At Shining Light Dolls, we believe children deserve to have beautiful toys with a contemporary aesthetic and meaningful message."

The three most recent releases are perfect for the month of May:

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"Are you sick of feeling fatigued, run down, having poor gut health and not functioning at your optimal capacity? Do you want safe, natural, effective products in your life that can support your immune system, boost energy, soothe and support your gut, help you focus, relax, sleep, balance your hormones and replace toxic household & personal care products in your life? Our 100% pure, ethical, and sustainable essential oils may be the answer you’ve been searching for. I would love to hear from you, learn about YOUR unique journey and what has bought you to this place of looking for natural solutions for supporting your body’s ability to THRIVE, as it was designed. My life has been drastically transformed by essential oils, which has further ignited my love for empowering others along their wellness journey. You can read more about me here. Contact me if you would like to hear how I have recovered from years of adrenal issues and impacted my children’s health with essential oils. I am committed to providing you with the support you need to use your essential oils safely and effectively."

Receive $30 in free essential oils/products with each new kit. (restrictions apply - contact for details) 

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"I create handmade, heirloom-quality rosaries and chaplets. I use high-quality parts and careful craftsmanship. These rosaries should last a lifetime. I also create hand-embroidered 100% wool brown scapulars, and handmade religious jewelry. All my products have a lot of reflection behind them -- each one was created with a purpose. I have something for everyone, and for all budgets."

Visit Mary Devotions at Etsy and you can also follow on Facebook for updates! 

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Every order is a custom order! There are four vinyl colors and over 35 embroidery designs. Covers can be made to fit any size hard/softcover book and any wording can be added. Common books I make covers for are daily missals, bibles, Magnificats, breviaries and prayer books. Makes a wonderful gift for priests, seminarians, Godparents, children, family or friends; Christmas, Easter, birthdays, First Communions, Confirmations, graduations, weddings, or any other occasion!

This Holy Fatherhood Missal Cover would make an excellent Father's Day gift! 

In addition to Missal Covers you can also custom order Other Products including Aprons, Tote Bags, and Rosary Pouches!

+ + + 

The Little Rose Shop
"I absolutely love to craft. It is how I refresh my soul, think, pray, and just get away. Here you will find whatever my heart is drawn to make at the time. It is a somewhat random assortment of things…but it’s me, and it’s made with love."


In addition to Raquel's darling Etsy shop, you can also follow The Little Rose Shop at Facebook and Instagram for updates! 

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Et Corde Rosaries
"Et Corde means "open heart". I create rosaries, bracelets and necklaces using the hand wire wrap technique with beautiful antique reproduction medals. I hope that my pieces can be an heirloom that can be passed down in your family." Read more here. 

"First Communion is so close! Check out my priority mail upgrade to get it there fast!"

Visit Et Corde Rosaries over at Etsy and follow on Facebook for updates! Right now you can SAVE 10% until the end of May with coupon: ForRoses10

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Karla Taylor - Usborne Books
Proud military wife and homeschooling momma to six children, with a love for reading they made the choice to include Usborne Books into their family library. The books were such a wonderful addition that becoming a consultant and sharing the love of reading with others through Usborne just made sense!

"Let me help you discover (or rediscover) a love for books!" 

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Dolls from Heaven
"Dolls from heaven are 18 inch Saint Dolls. They come with an outfit based on what the Saint wore during their life. They also come with a book that will inspire children to become saints. Our first Doll is Saint Therese of Lisieux. Saint Therese is one of our favorite saints. She has not only inspired our family but millions of people with "her little way". We hope that our Therese doll will encourage young children to make Jesus the focus of their lives. We also made an additional outfit , her second dress is Therese's Sunday best; this outfit was inspired by her childhood and her love for going to church. Saints are important for our time they teach us to be a witness for Christ. Our plan is to introduce a series of saint dolls, whose story will encourage children to follow Jesus. Saints, like Saint John Paul II, Saint Bernadette, Saint Patrick, Saint Joan of Arc, and many more."

"Our Mission is to inspire children to become saints!"

In addition to visiting the Dolls from Heaven website, you can also follow Dolls from Heaven at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

SAVE 10% on your order with coupon code SHOWEROFROSES through May 10, 2016!

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A special thank you to all my continuing sponsors! 

Prayer Pillowcases
Prayer Pillowcases are more than just a pretty place to lay your head! They're a unique way to bring Catholic art and prayer into your home. And a practical way to share the Faith with your family and friends. Our distinctive line combines original art and favorite Catholic prayers that appeal to all ages and transform pillows from the ordinary to the divine! Honor a special occasion or make any occasion special with the gift of a joyful, lasting (and personalizable) Prayer Pillowcase. We're always working on new designs and hope you'll visit again soon to see even more ways to help your loved ones begin and each day with a prayerful heart.

The older girls were very excited to (finally!) receive their first Prayer Pillowcases in their Easter Baskets this year... All their other siblings have had their own for a long time now. 

Shipping is always free at Prayer Pillowcases and right now you can also save an additional 15% OFF your order during the month of May with coupon code: Springrose

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Catholic Child
"Our goal is to help you find the finest resources to help you nurture the faith of your Catholic child and strengthen him or her for the challenges of the journey ahead. Each one of the hundreds of items you find here has been chosen by us with care, reviewed for faith and quality, and has been child and parent approved. When you buy from Catholic Child Catalog you are supporting an independently owned, personally run business that remains committed to searching out products to guide, inspire and delight the young Catholics in your life."

Catholic Child is currently celebrating 20 YEARS with weekly giveaways each Wednesday over at Facebook

My girls each received one of the Marian Grotto Kits in their Easter Baskets this year. They are looking forward to completing this craft sometime this month in honor of Our Lady!

You can find them in the Hail Mary! Teachings & Treasures section over at Catholic Child.

Shower of Roses visitors can SAVE 10% on all Catholic Child orders during May with coupon code: MaryMay

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Culture of Life Studies 

During the month of May, when you buy any one of our products for yourself, we will donate any one of our products to the school, parish, or friend of your choice. This is a great way for you to build a culture of life right in your neighborhood.

Choose any of our products for this special offer:
  • Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book (age 3+) is the only professionally produced pro-life coloring book available where children can learn about the beauty of family life and human development as they have fun coloring.
  • Life Is Precious (K-2) is a resource for parents and their children which illustrates the basic facts of human development in the womb using scientifically accurate yet kid-friendly coloring pages and traditionally published picture books.
  • Euthanasia: An Introduction (high school) examines the complex topic of euthanasia by peeling back the layers of rhetoric to let students see what is really at the heart of end-of-life issues.

To take advantage of this special offer in our online store, email with your receipt and send us the name and address of the school or person you would like us to donate to, plus the title of the unit study you would like to send.

This special offer starts on May 1 and ends May 31, so don’t wait!

+  +  + 

De Montfort Music - The Monks of Norcia
"Inspiring, beautiful music of Chant at it's very best - from Italy by The Monks of Norcia. BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia is the title for this new recording of 33 tracks of Gregorian chant, including favorite Marian antiphons such as "Regina Caeli" and "Ave Regina Caelorum" but also previously unrecorded chant versions of responsories and a piece originally composed by the monks ( Nos Qui Christi Iugum, ) Some pieces are sung by the entire group, some by smaller ensembles of monks and others by soloists, imbuing 'BENEDICTA' with a variety of sound. Recorded on location at the monastery in Norcia, Italy, the album was produced by 11-time Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher Alder and engineered by Grammy-Award winning engineer Jonathan Stokes."

+  +  + 

Gail's Designs

Gail makes such beautiful rosaries and faith-inspired jewelry! I love my Ave Maria Crown Earrings and wear them all the time. They seem to coordinate with everything, whether I'm headed to the golf course (jean jacketfavorite new prAna t-shirt and sport skirt or coal shorts/knickers) to watch the boys play or dressed up (long skirt, pleated tank - I love the Dark Lapis color! - and black cardigan) for Mass! ♥


FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the Month of May with coupon code: Springsale

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Behold Publications, LLC
"Behold Publications, LLC is more than just a publisher! Family owned and operated since its founding in 1999, we have developed great Catholic clubs like the Little Flowers Girls' Club and Blue Knights Catholic Boys' Clubs for Catholic girls and boys ages 5 and up. What makes these clubs unique is that they are at their core faithfully Catholic. We don't "tack on" Catholic identity as other clubs might, but begin and end with a Catholic world view. We also believe that local clubs best operate the way they see fit, so there is no national organization, policies, registration or dues. Groups can easily adjust the program to fit their local needs. Behold Publications also produce a line of historical fiction based on American history and American saints for ages 7-15."

Now is the time to sign up for Mary's Garden Party, the summer camp/retreats for Little Flowers and friends! 
You can find more information here

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Audrey Eclectic
"A unique collection of American folk art created in the heart of the Oklahoma prairie. My inspiration comes from literary classics, spooky tales from the past, the pioneering spirit, my home town, Scandinavia and other lands far away." 

These two paintings are my most recent custom order from Audrey Eclectic! One of our daughter's received St. Kateri for her birthday last week and LOVES it! 

In addition to the lovely Etsy shop, you can also follow Audrey Eclectic on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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Regina Martyrum Productions

"Regina Martyrum Productions produces the finest works of Catholic audio theatre. With emphasis on the lives of the Saints, these products are edifying, and entertaining." 

Be sure to subscribe for emails or follow on Facebook, TwitterYouTube,  Google+, and Instagram for sales and updates.

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"The mission of Peanut Butter & Grace is to help Catholic parents raise children who know and love Christ and his Church. We do this by providing digital and print resources that assist parents in forming their children in the faith within the daily life of their family. All of our products are made for Catholic parents—either to use themselves (think of 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids), or to hand to their kids (think of the Illuminated Rosary prayer books). Our primary audience is “middle pew Catholics”—parents who attend Mass regularly and want to do more to integrate the faith into their family life, but don’t know where to begin. They might even say, “I can’t teach my children about the faith because I don’t know how.” These parents are probably both working to support their family, living the crazy-busy lifestyle of the typical working- and middle-class American family."

The Little Flower: A Parable of St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Read more about Peanut Butter & Grace here, like them on Facebook, and subscribe to The Bread (their weekly printable family faith formation planner) here

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Offering Catholic books, gifts, homeschool curriculum at discount prices!

Receive FREE SHIPPING through May 10, 2016 on orders over $40 with code: SHIPFREE 

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Robin Nest Lane

Are you looking for a new veil for yourself or to give as a gift? Robin creates such lovely veils for ladies, girls, and even dolls!

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Almond Rod Toys

Almond Rod Toys makes Saint Blocks that are just the right size for little hands and can be used for imaginative play, building, stacking or collecting. The front has a print of original watercolor artwork. The back has a quote or a prayer chosen to inspire little ones and the one that cleans up behind them. The saint's name, feast day and patronage are also listed; just enough to be a reminder and an inspiration for further learning. 

Saint George Blessing Block and this year's Dragon Veggie Platter

+ + +

sponsored by Shower of Roses 

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles just released another brand new CD: Adoration at Ephesus! I ordered two copies - one for my family and one to send to one of my visitors here at Shower of Roses as a little Mother's Day gift. Leave a comment on this post by next Saturday, May 7, 2016, for a chance to win. One visitor/commenter will be randomly chosen, announced in this post, and contacted by email next Sunday.  Update: Congratulations, KAMMiller! :) 

If you are interested in advertising at Shower of Roses

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my sponsors and visitors for your support! May God bless you all! 

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