Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day Time Capsule {Free Printable}

Four years ago on February 29, 2012 {Leap Day!} we made time capsules... The kids were so excited to wake up and find them on the table this morning!

They all wanted to make these again this year so I hopped over to PicMonkey and created images for a new document inspired by the original printable we used four years ago. I laid out the document so that it can just be printed and folded this time, instead of cutting and pasting the pages into a booklet like we did last leap day.

My little ones can hardly wait to start filling them out after lunch this afternoon. And Bud, who was only a couple months old last leap day, saw the pictures in the archives last night and has been saying "Mommy! Will you pleeeaassseeee make me an apple frooooggggg!" all morning! I guess we'll be doing that this afternoon too! :) Good thing I happened to pick up some apples after Mass yesterday and I think we still have at least a few marshmallows leftover from the Thor's Hammer Birthday Cake I made earlier this month.

If any of you would like to make 2016 Leap Day Time Capsules with your children today, you are welcome to download and use my document! I just uploaded the pdf to Dropbox. Here's the link:

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