Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Under Construction :: A LEGO Cathedral, Phase 2

Last week I shared Phase 1 of the LEGO Cathedral that Ranger is building. This week I have some additional pictures to share with you which were taken last July and August, after stocking up on some more LEGO from eBay and a local store. 

It wasn't nearly enough to finish the project, but he did make some more progress, and some modifications to the original design, before putting the building on hold again until after Christmas. 

One of the first modifications was to increase the height of the bell towers. 

Next he moved the large clear windows up higher and added smaller stained glass windows below. 

Inside the cathedral, you can see the beginnings of the Stations of the Cross, seven on each side.

He then added pillars, making sure you could see each station in between the actual pillars.

They look so pretty, especially at certain times of the day when the sun is shining. 

He is hoping to add a large stained glass window to each side, if he is able to get enough 1x1 and 1x2 transparent LEGO. Since Christmas he has been able to make more progress on the walls, and begin construction on the roof.

Just around the corner from the cathedral Captain set up the Palace CinemaPet ShopParisian Restaurant, and a family of tourists in the Camper Van checking out all the sites! 

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