Thursday, December 17, 2015

O Antiphon Chocolate Coins

When I made our St. Nicholas Coins for this year I saved some of the large coins from each of the candy bags (I purchased the chocolate coins from Trader Joe's), giving the children all the small coins along with three large St. Nicholas coins. I thought about saving the extras to make Christmas Coins but then, after counting and having seven each, I decided to make O Antiphon Coins once again. 

We have decorated these chocolates in the past, using the document I shared in this post, but this year I decided to use the beautiful O Antiphon images from The Jesse Tree shared by Michele Quigley.

I printed page two of Michele's document at 75% and cut out the circles for December 17th-December 23rd with my circle punch

I wanted the edges of each gold coin to show so I trimmed off a little more with the scissors.  I need to find a slightly smaller punch! 

I decorated two sets of coins and then turned the rest over to my girls to finish. They did a great job. It's so nice having helpers! :)

We will start praying the O Antiphons this evening, after the boys arrive back home from hockey, and enjoy the chocolates along with some other special treats for these Golden Nights!

You can scroll through all my past O Antiphon posts here

I hope you are all having a blessed Advent! 


  1. I cannot find the document for printing out these images in the link posted. Could you please make it painfully easy for me and list it here as well? Thank you!

    2015-12-18 04:36:58

    1. I had a difficult time finding it at first too. It's up near the top, at the end of the 3rd paragraph of her post - the words "Jesse Tree." "There are 24 ornaments including the 7 O Antiphons and I’m offering them here in one downloadable PDF file: Jesse Tree" Here is the direct link to her pdf:

  2. Beautiful!

    2015-12-18 17:52:11

  3. I started reading this blog hoping to remember lots of great ideas about celebrating our awesome faith and making special memories with the kids. Thanks for the many blessings you have left for the world with your ministry here. You are like my Olympic hero of motherhood. God smile on you for your sweet kind heart, generous love, and inspiration faith!!! Blessings at Christmas and always!!!

    2015-12-19 22:36:00

  4. Thank you! I've been looking for this PDF since last year :)

    2015-12-21 03:25:20

  5. Hello, Can you send me a link to the O Antiphons. The one listed above doesn't work. Thank You.

    2020-11-03 14:22:24

    1. It looks like it's no longer available on the website I downloaded it from originally... I'm sorry.

      2020-11-12 01:26:05

    2. I made a different version (not nearly as pretty) years ago which can be downloaded here. Maybe I can update mine this year.

      2020-11-12 01:27:39


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