Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas :: 2015

Well... Our schedule has been so full lately and, despite ordering books and picking up some chocolate coins and our favorite candy canes, I wasn't as prepared for the feast of St. Nicholas this year as I would have liked! I realized Saturday morning that I only had one new pair of slippers for our oldest... (Giving our children each a new Christmas picture book along with a new pair of shoes or slippers has always been our personal family tradition.)  I had ordered a couple pairs of slippers over Thanksgiving for our two youngest (which finally arrived today! Good thing their birthdays are next week...) and I hadn't been able to get out shopping for the rest. I thought I would go shopping sometime on Saturday, but the three boys had hockey games in the morning from 8:00-12:00, I worked at my Dad's office from 12:00-2:00 (last week was my third week working part-time for him), then took the girls to confession and out with my mom, before hurrying home for dinner then back to the rink with the whole family (and some friends!) for the older boys very first High School game that started at 8:30 pm. I ended up sneaking away during the break between the second and third periods and was able to quickly pick up four more pairs of new slippers (at great prices!) along with some Santa Hat Hershey Kisses and Cherry Pie Filling at a store across the parking lot. Whew!

When we got back home, sometime just before midnight, I quickly finished this year's St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins to go along with our new book, filled each candy bag with three large decorated coins (I'm saving the rest of the large coins for Christmas or O Antiphon Coins), the rest of the small coins, and a handful of Santa Hat Hershey Kisses each, so that they would all be ready for St. Nick when he arrived.  ;) Somehow it all came together!

You can find my review along with additional pictures of Saint Nicholas & the Nine Gold Coins here.

Captain LOVES his new Captain America slippers

After being out so late on the eve of the feast of St. Nicholas, everyone woke up late with no time to spare before leaving for morning Mass and our local parish's anniversary brunch. All the treats were still waiting for them when we got back home!

In addition to the new slippers, books, chocolates, and candy cane, St. Nicholas also left an orange and a couple saints (a mix from Catholic Folk Toys, Naturally Catholic, and Tiny Saints) for each of the children. 

Our little guy was very excited about his new St. Nicholas dolls from Naturally Catholic and Catholic Folk Toys! He was also thrilled with his new picture book: Little Blue Truck's Christmas

"Daddy! You read it to me?!" 

Rose waited to open her new book, The Message of the Birds, until after her Dad had finished reading. 

She will be receiving her new doll from Naturally Catholic on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For the feast of St. Nicholas she received an angel and St. Elizabeth of Hungary. 

Snuggles was very excited about his new book, Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree. I was surprised that my older boys recognized and remembered the legend right away from one of their Blue Knights meetings many years ago! It was a perfect pick for this 8 year old of ours. 

"Mom, look! He's holding my candy cane as his staff!" 

Chiquita received Apple Tree Christmas...

... and our Tasha Tudor loving Twinkle Toes received The Christmas Cat

The older boys also loved their new books, Confederate Night Before Christmas and An Irish Night Before Christmas. The themes were perfect for them and they have enjoyed reading them to their younger siblings. You are never too old for picture books, right?

The rest of our Sunday afternoon was spent resting and reading!

... and I still managed to make our annual Cherry Cheese Candy Cane Coffee Cake(s) as an afternoon treat for my family. Sometimes sticking with my AIP diet is SO hard! ;)

God, we pray that through the intercessions of St. Nicholas
you will guide and protect our children. 
Keep them safe from all harm and help them grow
to become loving disciples of Jesus in your sight. 
Give them strength to always mature into deeper faith
in you, and to keep alive joy in your creation. 
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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