Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Statue of the Holy Family for Dad and Mom

Even though many of my siblings were not able to travel home for Christmas this year - it ended up just being three of my brothers and I out of the twelve of us, unlike last year when nine of us were together - I was still able to coordinate a special gift to give our parents when everyone came over on Christmas Eve! It was so much fun to plan and visit with all my brothers and sisters, currently spread out from Hawaii all the way to Australia, in a private group message on Facebook. It's been way too long since we've all been together!

With the health challenges my mom is currently facing it was so nice to surprise her and Dad with a special gift - an outdoor statue of the Holy Family for our own parents who have sacrificed so much for us all over the years.

Prayer for Parents 

Infinitely good God, Thou who hast imparted to me through my father and mother, my maintenance, a Christian education, and so many other benefits, I thank Thee for Thy bounty. Grant me the grace to show them the obedience that I owe them, sincere love, and great reverence. Never permit that they should suffer chagrin and trouble through my fault; but keep and guide me in the way of Thy fear and Commandments, as I have been taught. Reward them richly for all the good they have done me. Be their protector in danger, their helper in every care and anxiety. Grant them long life, good health, and a blessed eternity. Amen. 

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