Monday, December 7, 2015

Bargain Priced Toys :: My First Tug Boat

I have been watching the price on the Green Toys My First Tug Boat for the past couple months. My husband had asked me to order it as a birthday gift for our youngest son, whose birthday is coming up soon. (The Tug Bowl Dinner Set he received last year is still one of his favorites.) I was so excited this morning when I logged into Amazon and saw that select Green Toys (including the Tug Boat!) are up to 50% off today!

I just placed an order for the Yellow Boat. Now I need to go back and browse through the rest of the sale items. Any favorites that you would suggest?  I'm considering the Dish Set or the Cookware and Dining Set for our youngest daughter's birthday next week.

And don't forget, today is the LAST DAY to enter the Christmas Giveaway I am hosting! 


  1. Green toys has a flower building set my daughter adores and happens to make quite the interesting arrangements for her tea parties. She has the green toys tea set that I like a lot too. It is simple and cute and dishwasher safe!!

    2015-12-07 20:22:28

    1. Is the Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement the set you are talking about? That would be fun for tea parties and it's at the lowest price ever at Amazon. Thanks for the suggestions!

      2015-12-07 20:45:59

    2. Yes! That is it. My daughter adores it. I do advise you to get one of those plastic boxes with an attached lid to store it. I would recommend getting a little box expressly for this toy. It may be the most painful toy ever to step on a stray piece of. (And, considering the amount of legos floating around my house - that is a significant statement!). I am thrilled to give you a suggestion! If you only knew the amount of toys in my house that came from your suggestions!

      2015-12-08 01:46:34

  2. I just followed your link and bought 6 green toys for various kids on our list! Thanks for sharing these great deals...though my husband is not as happy about it...ha ha ha

    2015-12-07 21:05:32

    1. Please apologize to him for me! :)

      2015-12-08 02:48:41

  3. We got the dish set for my daughter a couple of years ago, and all of my kids love it! My sister also purchased it for my niece, and they actually use the bowls and plates for their everyday toddler dishes. I just ordered the tug boat for my youngest for Christmas - thanks for the suggestion!

    2015-12-08 04:16:44

  4. We love Green Toys! I purchased a couple things yesterday too with the 50% off. My kids have had the tea set for a year now and love it so I bought more of the dining set and cookware set too. We have the tug boat too. I always want wooden toys, but I do love how durable Green Toys are and that they can get wet or dirty and clean right up!

    2015-12-08 21:51:17


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