Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Pray for Us!

I have searched and searched but I just can't seem to find the copy of Roses in the Snow that our little "Rose" received for her birthday last December, just after it was released. I was really looking forward to reading it again this week... Perhaps we will find it by the traditional feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary on November 19th! (You can find a few pictures along with the link to how to pronounce some of the Hungarian words here.)  

Instead I grabbed Saints for Girls: A First Book for Little Catholic Girls off the bookshelf, opened it to Saint Elizabeth, and read the short story provided about this beautiful saint to my little ones. The not-so-little girls are planning to read the story about St. Elizabeth of Hungary from Sixty Saints for Girls later tonight. Happy feast of St. Elizabeth! 

Dear Saint Elizabeth, you were always poor in spirit, most generous toward the poor, faithful to your husband, and fully consecrated to your Divine Bridegroom. Grant your help to widows and keep them faithful to their heavenly Lord. Teach them how to cope with their loss and to make use of their time in the service of God. Amen.


  1. Jessica - okay, now this is just crazy...I looked all over yesterday, all the bookshelves, etc. and I can't find our copy either. I was so, so bummed last night and even prayed to St. Anthony to find it. Nope. It didn't turn up today. :( I pray both of us find our copies soon!

    2015-11-18 03:22:10

    1. That is crazy! Mine still hasn't turned up... I'm guessing I "put it somewhere safe" when I was hoping to put together some plans for her feast and I'll find it next spring! ;)

      2015-11-19 20:05:16

    2. Mine hasn't turned up either. :( Such a bummer. I am hoping that maybe it accidentally got packed away in the Christmas decorations and I will find it then.

      2015-11-24 19:22:46

    3. What a wonderful way to celebrate Advent!!!

      2017-11-17 03:26:09

  2. I bought a copy of Roses in the Snow just recently. I don't mean to be too critical, but it really bothers me in the story that St. Elizabeth lies to her husband about what is in the basket. Then, God protects her lie with a miracle. I would imagine that it really happened like in the book, Saints for Little Girls, and that she didn't say anything but that when her husband checked, God protected St. Elizabeth with a miracle. My kids are the kind of kids who would pick up on that kind of thing. I decided not to give it to my niece, who is named Elizabeth. I will get her the book, Saints for Little Girls.

    2015-11-18 15:18:11

    1. Hello, I am so sorry to hear you didn't like the book! I don't in any way interpret the story to imply that St. Elizabeth is 'lying' to her husband. She says there are roses in the basket, and there are. The way the two of them look at each other so tenderly and with so much love, they seem to have the utmost love and respect and understanding for each other and St. Elizabeth could not possibly be trying to deceive him. I have not read Saints for Little Girls, but in Sixty Saints for Girls Elizabeth also replies 'roses' when asked by her mother in law what is in her basket, but again I do not in any way see it as a 'lie' told by dear St. Elizabeth.

      2015-11-19 02:55:17

    2. Oh, Roses in the Snow is such a beautiful book and the illustrations (by Kimberlee's daughter) are simply gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear that the story bothered you.

      All the stories we have read about the legend of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the miracle of the roses are told slightly differently... However, even in the stories that say she was asked what was in her basket/under her cloak or mantle, and she answers "Roses" never came across to me as a lie. As Kimberlee responded, there were roses in the basket! I never considered it as "God protecting her lie with a miracle" but rather somehow (Miraculously!) she knew that the food under her cloak had been changed into roses!

      In Sixty Saints for Girls, Elizabeth answers "Roses" when Queen Sophia asked "What have you got there, Elizabeth?" Also, in St. Elizabeth's Three Crowns (the chapter book from the Vision Series) the miracle is barely mentioned... There is just one paragraph halfway through the book that says:

      A favorite story, which has been told of other saints, concerns the time that Louis met her when she was carrying a great basketful of food and garments to the poor. That story has it that Louis spoke to her angrily and asked her what she was hiding under her cloak. When he pulled the cloak aside, the basket was full of roses! The story does not ring true for Louis and Elizabeth, because he never scolded, no matter how much she gave away.

      I love that in Roses in the Snow (and Saints for Girls) Louis's love for his saintly wife is shown so clearly. I did find it a little confusing that in Saints for Girls it wasn't even Elizabeth's husband, but rather "a man who knew the king's mother" who asked to see what she was carrying. But, once again, it's a legend and I'm sure it has been told many different ways...

      I had some interesting comments left over on Instagram after I posted this picture...

      Theresa said: Anyone else ever wonder about St. Isabel of Portugal and St. Elizabeth of Hungary being so similar, even to the point that they are known for pretty much the exact same miracle?! And they were cousins!

      Julie responded: St Isabella of Portugal was named after her Great Aunt St Elizabeth of Hunrary, and followed her example in the way she lived her life. Both were queens, both helped the poor and both were 3rd order Franciscans. My daughter is named after St Isabella of Portugal.

      And then Theresa came back to say: A great aunt makes much more sense given the dates they lived. It seems every story I've read that refers to both saints tells of a different relationship between them.

      I wonder how much these two legends have been mixed up over the years?

      Anyway, Saints for Girls and Saints for Boys are always at the top of my list of favorites to give as gifts! They are perfect "first book(s) for Little Catholics" and so very sweet with beautiful and inspiring illustrations as well. I'm sure your niece will love it!

      2015-11-19 20:01:42

  3. Blessed feast day to you, Jessica! Hope you find your missing book. We will celebrate St. Elizabeth tomorrow. :-)

    2015-11-18 23:14:46

    1. No! I still haven't found it... I'll be ordering another copy soon! Happy feast of St. Elizabeth to you and your family!

      2015-11-19 20:04:17

  4. The candle looks interesting. Where did you purchase it. Thanks,

    2015-11-18 23:35:34

    1. I purchased it from Saintly Soaps (Carmel Soaps) back in 2009. I wish I had a link to share, but I purchased a number of the saint themed tin candles back in 2009 and they are no longer available, at least not that I know of... I will have to do a little more searching.

      2015-11-19 20:06:15

    2. Thanks!

      2015-11-19 22:06:31

  5. I think I like second prize as much as first! 😀

    2017-11-17 03:27:41


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