Thursday, November 19, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} :: Rose's First Lost Tooth

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{real} Last Sunday, while I was wrapping Christmas books for Advent, I heard Rose crying. I ran out of my bedroom to the hallway to find two of her brothers trying to comfort her and reassure her that losing a tooth really isn't such a horrible thing... The look on Snuggles face! He is such a loving big brother! 

{happy} That tooth has been close to falling out for months now, and was even closer Sunday night hanging on by a thread, but she was very happy when she was able to prop it back up... She did not want to lose that first tooth!

{pretty} Today, on the traditional feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, our little Rose lost her first tooth! I'm surprised it hung on for so long - she has been carefully eating her food all week, cutting everything into tiny pieces - but it finally fell out this afternoon! She was so relieved that it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it might be.
My baby girl is growing up!

{funny} My dad was working in the area and happened to stop by just after it fell out! After she showed her grandpa her tooth, he asked if she had ever heard the story One Morning in Maine, a story he always read to my siblings and I when we were growing up. She hadn't so I pulled it off the shelf. Watching him read it to her was so special!
Hmmm... I wonder if that story has anything to do with her losing that tooth for a second time this evening...
She is really hoping we find it soon! :) We seem to be losing everything this week!


  1. This, I think is what my four year old's experience will be with losing her first tooth. We recently read that book and now she's obsessed with making sure her teeth never fall out.

    2015-11-20 04:54:42

  2. Oh Snuggles face, that is such a priceless photo! My Rose is growing up!! Just love the pic of your Dad reading to his g'daughter, so precious:)

    2015-11-20 05:34:57

  3. I love the book One Morning in Maine... probably have had our copy since I was Rose's age! Oddly enough I think we acquired it while we lived in Maine :)

    2015-11-20 08:17:13

  4. This post is one of your best. Why? Truth, Love and Beauty-all displayed in an instant. Isn't love beautiful? Rose is in real agony, Snuggles is deeply concerned and want to console and your baby boy was obviously in the kitchen (itself a testament to your family life) working on something and he ran to comfort his sister. THIS is what Christ showed us, compassion and this is what you have taught your children. You are reaping the fruits of your labor. Peace to you and yours as you head into Thanksgiving and the beautiful season of Advent. Thank you for sharing.

    2015-11-20 10:12:36

  5. Oh, that picture of your boys comforting her is SO beautiful! God bless your family.

    2015-11-20 13:47:39

  6. That first photo is priceless! Such love between the brothers and their sister. So sweet!

    2015-11-20 16:11:32

  7. That first picture! Oh my goodness, how precious!! And congrats to her for loosing her tooth. It is crazy to see how big everyone is getting!

    2015-11-20 16:49:39

  8. The photo of your boys comforting Rose is the sweetest! I love the expressions!

    2015-11-20 16:50:19

  9. So sweet of them to comfort her!! We LOVE the book One Morning in Maine! Robert McCloskey's most under-appreciated picture book, I think!

    2015-11-20 19:52:52

  10. Oh, Snuggles and Bud are so sweet! What a wonderful picture, and what a great way to raise knights in shining armor! Congratulations :)

    2015-11-20 22:32:58

  11. That photo of Rose and her brothers just goes straight to your heart and soul. I can't believe you were able to capture that moment.

    2015-11-24 04:59:44

  12. Oh, so cute!! That picture! I picture Rose's children finding it someday,,,'Oh no! What happened? Did your dog die?" "No,,,no, I lost a tooth..."

    2015-12-03 15:39:35


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