Saturday, October 3, 2015

On the Traditional Feast of Saint Thérèse

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This Brown Scapular of the Carmelites with an image of "The Little Flower" was hand embroidered by Andrea at Stella Marigold Art. Originally I had her make it for our little "Rose" - and I will probably still save it to give to her when she is older, especially since I already have a beautiful rose covered scapular - but I would sure love to keep it for myself! It is so gorgeous!


From Instagram on October 1st:
My sweet little "Rose!" Thursdays are our full days - from extra early start to finish - but that hasn't stopped her from celebrating on her own... #rosecoveredeverything #sttherese #allthesaintdolls #oratleastsomeofthemany Now where are those matching pink and rose covered aprons of ours? We have some cupcakes to bake! #alreadyonthecounterwiththecakemix #shesbeenwaitingalldayforthis

Many of the dolls in this picture were made by friends of mine! The Saint Thérèse Soft Saint Doll on the far left was made by my childhood friend Ann-Marie, who was one of my bridesmaids sixteen years ago yesterday. It was a birthday (or maybe Christmas?) gift for Rose last December. 

The next is a St. Thérèse Saint n' Stitches doll handmade by Charlotte, our youngest son's Godmother.  You can find her Etsy shop here. At various times of the year she sells kits to make these dolls and sometimes completed dolls as well. You can also find a pattern for St. Thérèse here. My older girls have really enjoyed Charlotte's kits

The third doll pictured is a crochet Saint Thérèse doll made by my friend Amy. It was a baby shower gift along with some other handmade treasures! She doesn't sell the completed dolls, but you can purchase her pattern over at Etsy

The fourth doll is the St. Thérèse Faith Filled Friends doll. Unfortunately, I don't believe these are currently available for sale... The whole collection, including Mother Teresa and Our Lady of Guadalupe, is so cute!  


From Instagram on October 1st: 
We are wearing matching chef hats too. My teens think I look ridiculous but I don't care... She's grinning from ear to ear! #mylittlechristmasrose #bakingcupcakesforthefeast #sainttherese

She wanted to make miniature cupcakes. We made two for each person and used the rest of the batter to make some regular sized cupcakes for after dinner today. 


Rose has been asking cut out her new "Little Saint Thérèse" Paper Dolls since receiving them in her Easter Basket earlier this year! They were pulled out again this week. I am hoping to have a chance to finally cut them out with her later this evening... We'll see!  We have the preprinted set, but they are also available to download digitally in Color and Black and White

In the meantime I pulled out our St. Thérèse and Her Family paper dolls, which I laminated a few years ago for her older sisters. She has been enjoying playing with them. It would probably be a good idea to laminate all the new paper dolls too. They are darling! 

Jesus does not demand great actions from us, but simply surrender and gratitude.
~ St. Thérèse of Lisieux

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, ora pro nobis!


  1. How beautiful and special your treats are!! And sweet the paper dolls! What a wonderful idea to laminate them!! I must remember that trick! Blessings❤️

  2. Happy Feast of St Therese :-)

    2015-10-04 10:22:55

  3. Beautiful! I'm wondering how much the St. Therese scapular cost, since it is no longer listed on the Stella Marigold Art page on Etsy.

    2015-10-04 20:40:25

    1. It was a custom commission, Eliana, and not something I purchased from a listing her shop. You can contact Stella Marigold Art for her current pricing on custom orders. She does beautiful work!

      2015-10-05 15:41:01

  4. Such a fun feast day for you all! I love those St. Therese and her family paper dolls. That's such a great idea to laminate them! What do you use to stick the cloths to the dolls? :)

    Happy feast day! God bless!

    2015-10-04 22:16:26

    1. The girls use a little bit of blue poster tack. Glue dots work well too. :)

      2015-10-05 15:37:39


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