Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick & Easy Homemade Paper Crowns

Last year I had elaborate plans to make the girls lace princess crowns (like these) for their saint costumes using lace ribbon, fabric stiffener, and glitter paint. I ran out of time and the bag of supplies is still sitting in my closet...

Instead, just before our party started, I printed out a couple templates and quickly cut out crowns from some gold/silver poster board I happened to have on hand. They were so easy to make and turned out lovely!


Gold/Silver Poster Board - gold on one side, silver on the other (or use whatever color you have)
Acrylic Gems (optional) 
Paper Crown Templates - I used this template and this template
Stapler and Staples  (or use a Hot Glue Gun)

First I cut out the template and traced it onto the poster board until it was long enough to wrap my daughters head and connect together, overlapping a bit. I cut just inside of my traced lines so that they wouldn't show while wearing it - whether on the front or inside, you can see both. I overlapped the edges a bit and stapled it together. A hot glue gun would have looked a little better, but I was short on time! ;) 

St. Margaret of Scotland - Victorian Rose Princess Dress

My oldest daughter decorated her crown with acrylic gems. 

My youngest daughter left her crown plain gold for Our Lady of Mount Carmel and we created a smaller crown for Baby Jesus using the scraps from cutting out her crown. It worked out perfectly! 

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  1. Thanks, Jessica. My daughter's plastic crown broke.

    2015-10-29 23:17:20

  2. I enjoyed scrolling through the costumes of past years-so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing this year's saints!

    2015-10-30 00:21:52

  3. I'm thinking a quick cost of paint in a BK crown might be easier than cutting. (Or just decorating over the BK symbols.) - only bc I procrastinate in every thing I do. :)

    2015-10-30 00:58:36

    1. I actually suggested the Burger King crowns in my Saintly Costumes post back in 2008 - but those require a trip to Burger King (our closest is 25-30 minutes away) so cutting is definitely quicker for me in a pinch. I think I had all three crowns made in less than 30 minutes, including the time it took to print templates.

      2015-10-30 01:05:35


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