Monday, October 19, 2015

Metal Earth :: Neuschwanstein Castle

A couple weeks ago Ranger spent a Sunday afternoon building the Neuschwanstein Castle Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model that he found in his Back-to-School Schultüte. He has assembled quite a few of these little models (including Notre Dame Cathedral, various bridges, and more!) over the past couple years and really enjoys the challenge. This one was especially difficult, and we really need to get him some special tools to make it a little easier, but he still did a great job! 


  1. Do you (or does Ranger) have a recommendation for which is the easiest or best one to try first? Thanks!

    2015-10-20 11:25:53

    1. He says that of all the Metal Earth models he has built, the only one that he didn't have any trouble building and was "easy" was the Golden Gate Bridge. (He purchased this Bridge Set from Barnes & Noble a couple months ago using a gift card he won from our library's summer reading program! The Tower Bridge was hard but turned out really neat!) Not that any of them are actually easy - Ranger LOVES building the models but they are pretty frustrating for my other teen... Captain built the P-51 Mustang, but gave up half-way through building the Brandenburg Gate a year ago and hasn't gone back to try and finish it yet! :)

      The very first Metal Earth model that Ranger built was The Black Pearl (I posted pictures here.) The hardest was Notre Dame (it's also his favorite! I really need to dig up the pictures from this one. He built it last Christmas break.), followed by the Parthenon (all those columns to roll!), and then the castle. Even though they have been the hardest sets to build, the various buildings (including the US Capital Building) are his favorites.

      2015-10-20 16:50:28

    2. Wow! thanks for the response and all the links! I don't know if my little guy is ready for something this complicated yet, but I'm going to add them to his amazon wishlist so I don't forget about them.

      2015-10-21 12:41:45

  2. Well Done Ranger!...I am in awe of your talent and patience in creating such an awesome Model. Great Pics Too! Rosalie H.

    2015-10-20 12:20:39

  3. Wow, so detailed!

    2015-10-21 01:42:49


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