Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blessed Mother Teresa and Saint John Paul II


Virgin Mary, Queen of all the Saints, help us to be gentle and humble of heart like this fearless messenger of Love. Help us to serve every person we meet with joy and a smile. Help us to be missionaries of Christ, our peace and our hope. Amen! ~ Pope John Paul II, at Beatification of Mother Teresa


  1. Oh, that is so sweet. What a lovely moment.

    2015-10-31 17:45:32

  2. aaahhhh! How precious is that?! <3

    2015-10-31 17:46:49

  3. So cute

    2015-10-31 18:04:29

  4. Oh my heart! This is just precious! I lovelovelovelovelove it!!! Big kisses from his godmother!

    2015-10-31 18:29:49

  5. Adorable!

    2015-10-31 19:40:17

  6. Wow, this is amazing! It's making me feel bad about the not-so-fabulous mother Teresa costume I made for my daughter with two pillow cases and blue tape yesterday. :/ Even so, thank you for sharing these pictures and thank you for your blog in general because it is these glimpses of such innocence and beauty that are so uplifting and inspiring to me!

    2015-10-31 20:55:52

  7. So beautiful! Happy all Hallows' Eve!

    2015-10-31 21:50:51

  8. That very picture hangs in our church and I smile at it every time I see it. Leave it to you to capture a moment in its exquisiteness of grace so as to make a person smile a second time anew!! Thanks for the glimpses of precious timeless beauty and goodness that shine for His glory. You always make me smile. Joy to your heart!! Blessings!!!

    2015-10-31 23:54:31

  9. That is so precious! :). Thanks for sharing!

    2015-11-01 02:30:34

  10. How lovely, how sweet, how innocent, how cute, how blessed, how adorable!!! I just loved it! God bless your beautiful family. Amen. Thank you for inspiring us with all your cute posts!

    2015-11-01 08:50:39

  11. aformacaodamocacatolicaSeptember 28, 2022 at 2:59 PM

    So sweet. <3

    2015-11-01 09:39:50


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