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Back-to-School :: 2015-2016

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It's been over a month now since our new school year began on September 8th! I've been much too busy just trying to keep up with our school days this year to actually have much time to blog about them... However, I did want to go back and add some pictures from our first day of school. I probably should have created some collages to shorten the length of this post, but if I wait until I have a chance to do that I will probably never get back to actually posting. Anyway, it was a fun day, ending with a birthday celebration for our Blessed Mother


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Beautiful and Inspiring Holy Cards

I had fun adding some clip art/images to the boys' Schultütes, including a Captain America shield for Captain. In addition to their treats, I also included these great sharpeners for a few of the kids. 

8th Grade or High School classes??? It's a BIG DILL! ;) 

Ranger was excited to discover another Metal Earth - Neuschwanstein Castle
(He actually built it last weekend. I'll have to try and share the pictures. So neat!)  

Bud didn't receive a Tiny Saint, but he did find St. Peter along with some Crayon Rocks


They don't quite fit as well as they did a couple years ago

Super excited about their very first Tiny Saints...

... and his very first pack of gum!



I had a few treats for their teacher too, including some of her favorite three ingredient (Honey, Chocolate Liquor, Oil of Peppermint - $3.99 at Trader Joe's) Dark Chocolate Honey Mints




Captain and Ranger :: 9th Grade

We have TWO high schoolers this year! Ranger has been doing the same school work as Captain for a number of years now. Originally, when our school year began, I thought that he would be able to earn high school credit for his high school classes (especially Saxon Algebra 1 and Physical Science) as an 8th grader, but that just wasn't an option if I wanted to keep him enrolled in our home-based charter school.... We've had some decisions to make and, as of yesterday, it is official. He is now a Freshman too! I wasn't ready for one high schooler, let alone two...


Twinkle Toes :: 6th Grade ~ Chiquita :: 5th Grade


Snuggles :: 3rd Grade ~ Rose :: Kindergarten

Bud :: Pre-School

The poor little guy was fighting a stomach flu over the first week of school... 
but he cheered up when he saw the Schultutes! 

He's feeling much better now and back to his usual active little self. He especially loves math. It's the first thing he asks to do every morning when he wakes up. Some of the things I've heard him say this year to his siblings or me include: "I'm ready to do my math!" or "I'm BEHIND in my math..." (lol!) or "I'm all caught up in my math!" 

His "math" pretty much consists of Mighty Mind (his favorite), Busy Bugs, Shape & Color Sorter (second favorite), and Stacking Pegs.  

In other news... he is now officially potty trained! 

We've been DIAPER FREE day and night (with just a few daytime accidents - the last accident was nearly a week ago) for the first time in 15 years and 3 months! My babies are all growing up!

I hope your school year is off to a great and productive start! 


  1. What beautiful and memorable ways to start your school year! Congrats on the diaper free days too! :)

    2015-10-17 03:08:35

  2. JMJ
    That photo of Bud looking at his peg doll!
    Thanks for sharing, Jessica.
    God bless all of you.

    2015-10-17 03:16:20

  3. They are all looking SO big! It's been so fun to watch them all grow. You're doing and awesome job Jessica. So much to be proud of. What's it like to not have any in diapers?! I dream of the day. 😉 Having one in diapers is a pretty big deal for us! Lol.

    2015-10-17 03:23:26

  4. So fun, Jessica! I love how they turned out! Last year, when we were diaper-free for the first time in 12 years, it was the strangest feeling. I was excited, and yet there was a twinge of sadness that I didn't expect. It was like entering a whole new, unfamiliar season of family life ... Next month, I will have a teenager, too! Crazy! But it is so good! I love our memories of their littleness, and I love this present moment God has us in right now.

    2015-10-17 13:45:04

  5. You are such an inspiration to us homeschooling moms! What a wonderful way to begin the school year. I remember the day when we were finally out of diapers- we were there for 17 years!!! It is a milestone though I felt it was a little sad not having little ones around! They sure grow up quickly. Praying for you that your homeschooling year goes well with 2 high schoolers. God bless you.

    2015-10-17 18:04:44

  6. Oh, those trader Joe's dark chocolate mints are so good!
    I've been to that castle in Germany! Would love see photos of the completed structure if you have time to share! And i can't believe how grown up your older boys are looking lately!

    2015-10-18 01:59:00

    1. Ok! Here are the pictures. :)


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