Thursday, October 15, 2015

Advent Candles

Every September my mom goes on her annual Lay Benedictine retreat at Mount Angel Abbey. For years she would pick up a set of their gorgeous Advent candles for me. Oh, I miss those beautiful candles (pictured at the top of this post - which they no longer make) and have not yet found a replacement set of Advent Pillar Candles that I love nearly as much. I'm still searching for pillar candles for our large coffee table wreath - I'm leaning towards these - for this Advent.  {Note: This post contains affiliate links.} 

However, last year, we added a lovely wreath to our dinner table and I do have a new favorite set of Advent Candles for that Advent Wreath.  The 100% Beeswax Hand poured tapers we purchased from The Cloister Shoppe burned beautifully! Last month, as soon as they were available again, I placed my order for this year, adding in some additional candles to save for Candlemas or to give as gifts. 

Last year my children also really enjoyed creating their own candles using this 100% Beeswax Advent Candle Kit. I have another kit, blessed last Candlemas, all ready to go for this year. 

The dear sisters only make a limited quantity of their Advent Candles. They sold out quickly last year. Be sure to order them soon if you are interested


  1. Thanks Jessica! I just placed an order. I love finding hidden treasures like these. Thank you for all that you do in helping us out!

    2015-10-15 18:41:16

  2. Ordered! Thanks for the reminder. I always wait until the last minute. These will be so nice!

    2015-10-15 21:59:32

  3. Thank you for sharing, Jessica. God bless you and your family!

    2015-10-15 22:47:30

  4. Good morning, Jessica. If I click through to Amazon and put an item in my cart and then don't place the order right then, but come back to my cart at a later date and purchase those items, will you still receive credit? I'd like to support you, but I like to place items in my cart gradually and then place one big order.

    2015-10-16 12:19:07

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! As long as the item was added to your shopping cart during a 24-hour window (after clicking one of my links and before clicking an affiliate link somewhere else) and then purchased "before the Shopping Cart expires (usually after 90 days)" I should earn the affiliate advertising fees.

      2015-10-16 15:40:42

    2. Thank you. I've been planning our Advent already.

      2015-10-18 13:17:21

  5. Marie just shared your link when I asked in another group where I can find quality Advent candles that don't drip all over my wreath and disappear by the first week of Advent. :) Thank you! Now I just have to wait until the tapers are available again. :)

    2015-11-02 14:27:00


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