Friday, September 4, 2015

Little Flowers Girls' Club :: Wreath I Crafting Pages

All of the revised and updated Little Flowers Girls' Club Crafting Pages are finally completed and ready for download over at Behold Publications! 

It's hard to believe that it has been seven years since I first started creating these supplemental pages for my own girls... My girls really enjoyed creating all these pages during our Little Flowers Girls' Club meetings and still love looking through their completed notebooks!

The updated pages for Wreaths I and II now feature the same saint and flower images as the official Little Flowers Girls' Club® Memory Cards, buttons, and stickers. I think the new Crafting Pages turned out pretty and really hope that you all like them too!


  1. It looks wonderful! fantastic work and very inspiring:)

    2015-09-05 04:05:54

  2. I just love your imagination and organization! Please let me know when you decide to do the Little Women Hospitality pages for Ecce Homo Press (hint, hint)! We are starting this program this year with my girls. Looking forward to it! We have gotten in the charm bracelets and they are...charming! God bless!

    2015-09-05 15:18:18

  3. Beautiful!

    2015-09-06 18:38:26

  4. Hi, Jessica Thank you so much for sharing these! Would you be able to also have the old wreath IV lapbook pages available through Behold Publications, or that I could purchase directly from you? Thank you!

    2015-09-07 21:39:13

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these! I just (today) ordered my daughter's member book and saw these pages. I ordered them immediately! So neat checking on here and discovering that you created these! I love the idea of the badges but with 2 girls having gone through the wreathes, I already know how hard it would be for me to get them on in time. Besides, these can be saved in a cute book! I just know my craft loving daughter is going to love these!

    2015-09-08 02:59:52

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your gifts. We can't wait to get started with Little Flowers at some point in the fairly near future!

    2015-09-08 14:17:21


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