Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life Is Precious {Sponsored Review & Giveaway}

Earlier this year I was sent a review copy of the brand new Life Is Precious Culture of Life Unit Study for Elementary Students from American Life League!

"Life Is Precious is a resource for parents and their children and illustrates the basic facts of human development in the womb using scientifically accurate yet kid-friendly coloring pages and traditionally published picture books. In consultation with a former biologist, as well as veteran homeschool parents, we created this 4-week unit study to provide students with accurate information to enhance learning. Designed to complement any existing homeschool curriculum in grades K-2, Life Is Precious instructs children about the truth of human development while still respecting their innocence. It is perfect for the homeschool or co-op setting where parents are involved, and is a fun, easy way to learn about human development and the value of life. A version appropriate for classroom use in production and will be available in early Fall."

I am so excited about this program and have included it in my elementary students curriculum for our new school year.

The Life Is Precious unit study is broken into four lessons featuring the following picture books which all explore age-appropriate culture of life themes while teaching the value of human life:

Each lesson is broken into four days (or classes). Realistically, I will most likely spend a month completing each lesson (one day per week) with my younger children since our schedule is so full at the moment. We will continue studying Angel in the Waters this month as we prepare for "Respect Life" month in October!

In the back of the comprehensive teacher guide you will find a companion CD-ROM which contains all of the printable appendices and coloring pages! The package also includes a 12-week fetal model and the Baby Steps DVD with live 4D ultrasound imagery of preborn babies in the womb.

.: Angel in the Waters :.

Day 1: Who am I?

Even my older children enjoy reading this sweet picture book! 

After going through the provided discussion questions, my little ones really loved examining the sweet little fetal model... 

... and then comparing the size of a baby at different stages to various foods, making a few substitutions based on what we happened to have in the kitchen. 

The teacher guide goes through 13 different stages of fetal development with fun facts to share. 
Here are a few examples: 

Creation: Life begins. The baby is a unique and distinct human being. 
Baby is as big as a poppy seed. 

Day 43: The earliest that scientists have recorded a baby's brainwaves. 
Baby is as big as an apple seed.

Week 10: The baby sucks his thumb, swallows, squints, and frowns. 
Baby is as big as a grape. 

(Yes! Life IS precious! And so is this unit study! I am having so much fun using it with my children!)

Week 12: The baby can now move his thumbs, make a fist, and practice breathing. 
Baby is about as big as a lime. 

8 Months: The baby begins to feel cramped. Only one more month to go. 
Baby is about as big as a pineapple. 

Of course, all of this baby talk lead to the question "when are WE going to have another baby?!" 
That is up to God, little ones. ❤

"Just as you do not know how the life breath enters the human from in the mother's womb, 
So you do not know the work of God who is working in everything." - Ecclesiastes 11:5

.: Giveaway :. 

The Life Is Precious Unit Study is definitely worth the full retail value - I would have gladly spent the money to purchase a copy had we not been blessed with a copy for review - but right now they are offering it at a special introductory rate making it even more affordable! 

I also have a copy to give away here at Shower of Roses! I will send the complete package (you'll just need to add the picture books or borrow them from the library) just in time for Respect Life Month in October. Good luck! 

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