Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So... This happened today!

Congratulations on your Drivers Permit, Captain!

Grant me, O Lord, a steady hand and watchful eye, 
That no one shall be hurt as I pass by. 
Thou gavest life, I pray no act of mine 
May take away or mar that gift of Thine. 
Shelter those, dear Lord, who bear my company 
From the evils of fire and all calamity. 
Teach me to use my car for others need; 
Nor miss through love of undue speed
The beauty of the world; that thus I may 
With joy and courtesy go on my way. 
St. Christopher, holy patron of travelers, 
protect me, and lead me safely to my destiny.

St. Christopher, pray for us! 


  1. Welcome to the club 😊. Doesn't that piece of paper make his age so real/scary.

    2015-09-17 01:01:16

    1. It sure does... He is growing up way too fast!

      2015-09-17 01:43:56

  2. oh my goodness!!! No way!!!

    2015-09-17 01:04:19

  3. No Way, that is not possible Yet IS IT????????????????????? Where have the years gone ? Oh My goodness! :)

    2015-09-17 01:05:30

    1. I'm having a hard time believing it myself! The years are flying by... I'm going to blink and he'll be headed off to college!

      2015-09-17 01:46:22

  4. We have 2 drivers now and it is AWESOME. They can run errands, drive younger siblings to activities and see what it's like to wait around for them to be done. It's great and now they appreciate me so much more and even better is when a younger sibling is extra nice to an older driving sibling so that they'll take them shopping or to the movies or to the YMCA.

    2015-09-17 01:48:24

  5. Isn't your lad only 14!? What's the deal in American/Oregon. What age do they have to be? how long do you have to supervise etc?

    2015-09-17 05:13:54

    1. He turned 15 this past summer, Erin! Here in Oregon you have to be 15 in order to take the test for a Drivers Permit. Once he is 16 he can apply for a provisional (under 18) Drivers License as long as he has had his permit for at least six months and has completed the required minimum hours of supervised driving (by a licensed driver age 21+) - either 50 hours plus a certified traffic safety education course OR 100 hours. What are the laws over there in Australia?

      2015-09-17 05:23:27

    2. Jessica Every state is a little different, our state of New South Wales as the most stringent. However nobody can apply for their Learner' s license until the age of 16. Then they must complete 120 hours under the supervision of a a driver who has their Full License. Whilst doing this they must display plates, can only go 90km/hr (until recently it was only 80km), cannot tow a trailer and certainly cannot drink any alcohol (nor can the supervisory driver). Well actually at 16 they can't legally drink alcohol anyhow, legal age in Australia is 18.

      Once they have logged 120 hrs they may apply for their Provisional licence, however they must turn 17 before they can apply for their Ps. This btw is a driving test.

      Our Ps are actually 2 levels, P1 must be held for 1 year, can travel at 100km/hr, display red P plates, no alcohol. then be tested again and receive your green Ps.

      Green Ps are held for 2 years, still display plates, limited in speed and no alcohol. they sit for a reflex test on computer at end of 2 years and then have full license. Which in both our older two children's case was age 20. Which means our oldest two can now supervise our current learner. We currently have 2 on full license, our 18yr old has his green Ps and our 16yr old is on his Ls.

      So this means at 16yrs Captain could be driving by himself!?

      2015-09-17 07:30:05

  6. Awesome. Congrats to Captain.

    Jessica - enjoy the anticipation of having another driver in house - honestly: BEST.THING.EVER

    my extra drivers are away at school or working full time now. Next driver will be able to get his permit in Dec and license in June (in MA you have to be 16 to get your license and 16 1/2 to get your license if you have your permit 6 months and pass drivers safety course) I can't hardly wait!

    congrats to Captain again

    2015-09-17 11:20:58

  7. Congrats! OMG I am be crying when my girls get there:)

    2015-09-17 22:00:25

  8. How exciting! Congratulations, Captain! Safe driving! :)

    2015-09-18 16:47:48

  9. Oh man!!! They grow up too fast, huh??

    2015-09-19 20:47:42


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