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Life Is Precious :: Miracle of Life Picture Books

Our new school year is off to a great start! I'm still trying to fine tune our weekly schedule (and figure out how to possibly accomplish all my goals for each week and keep up with everything I need to keep up with!) but at this point we are spending our Thursday afternoons studying science. We (the younger children and I) will be working our way through the beautiful Life Is Precious Unit Study this year, in addition to Focus on Geology for Elementary and Middle School, while the older boys attend their weekly Physical Science Lab. 

Note: Links to American Life League (ALL) are not affiliate links, but ALL is currently a sponsor here at Shower of Roses. I was given a complimentary copy of Life Is Precious in exchange for my honest review. It is such an excellent program and I am really enjoying using it with my children this year! 

My older girls asked if they could read the book aloud this week. Twinkle Toes read it this time and Chiquita will get her turn to read it to our little ones next week for Lesson 1, Day 3. As I mentioned last week, each Lesson is broken up into 4 days and I've decided to complete one of those days each week, spending a month or so on each lesson. 

After discussing all the questions provided in the unit study we moved on to the activity. The theme for this lesson is "Mother" and the suggested activity for reinforcement is The Miracle of Life flipbook. All the coloring pages you need to create the flipbook are provided in Appendix A on the included Companion CD-ROM. I ended up making a couple modifications to the project and had my children create Miracle of Life Picture Books instead, which include pictures of me pregnant with them and pictures from right after they were born! It was so much fun!!! 

Miracle of Life Picture Book Supplies: 
  • Angel in the Waters
  • Miracle of Life Coloring Pages from Companion CD-ROM
  • Crayons, Colored Pencils and/or Markers
  • Pregnancy and Baby Pictures (I just printed some digital photos on cardstock)
  • Blank Books, 14 sheets, 28 pages, 6"w x 8"h  (I purchase these from Rainbow Resource. You can also find a single book or 6 pack over at Amazon.) 
  • Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (one 9x12 sheet cut in half is enough for the front covers of two small blank books)

Note: I love the little blank books! I've used them for many projects in the past including my Wisdom of the Saints Journal and Primary Arts of Language Who/Which Projects (you can see Snuggles' here). I've also used the larger sized blank books for Writing the ABC's on Little Hearts and Bible Narrations and Picture Book of Saints

They were beyond excited when I brought out the picture of me pregnant with each of them, along with a few pictures from right after they were born.  

"MOM! Why you so FAT?!" 
His FACE when his older brother told him HE was inside my tummy.

Snuggles was really curious about the priest who was holding him at the hospital (and giving him a blessing) just after his birth, so I pulled up a couple photos from this blog post while telling him about Monsignor Cihak. 


He was pretty excited to see a few photos of this same holy priest next to the Pope:
 herehere and here

Next the children worked on coloring the provided coloring pages with images of the baby at different stages of development.

The older girls asked if they could "please make books too!" so I have placed an order for a couple more blank books! I need to (hopefully!) dig up some (pre-digital!) photos for them. In the meantime they have started their coloring pages while helping their younger siblings. 

Instead of using the provided cover photo, the children decided to use the photo of them in my tummy for their personalized Miracle of Life picture books. After gluing the picture to the cover we laminated it as well using half of a 9x12 Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheet

On the inside of the front cover they glued their coloring picture of the baby inside of Mother.

Appendix A also includes a list with the baby's age and facts for each stage of development. My older children are writing the text in their books on their own, but for my littlest ones I created worksheets with the text for them to trace.  There is enough room in the book for them to use the last couple pages to include additional pregnancy and baby pictures for each of them. 

We didn't have enough time to completely finish our Miracle of Life picture books and will continue this project next week instead of creating the additional Miracle of Life poster board (activity for day 3), before moving on to the final day (4) which is all about Guardian Angels just in time for their upcoming feast day on October 2nd! 

So... Have I convinced you to order a copy of Life Is Precious yet? 

I do have one more incentive for you! American Life League sent me a coupon code to share with my visitors here at Shower of Roses following the recent giveaway. On top of the awesome discounted INTRO PRICE you can also receive FREE SHIPPING for the next two weeks with coupon code CLSPLIPOrder your copy today so that you can begin this unit study with your children in October for Respect Life Month! 

Update - You can download my documents with the traceable text here: 

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