Friday, August 14, 2015

{this moment}

Yesterday morning, after daily Mass, I had the privilege of getting to meet and hold a little miracle.

Patrick Gabriel Snodgrass, who many of you have been praying for since last Easter when his dear mama found out that he has trisomy 13, was born alive on August 8th at 5:51 AM weighing 7lb. 5oz and 18.5 inches long. He was baptized immediately after birth. You can see pictures of him with his family on his birthday over at Facebook.

Due to his health issues, he is not expected to be staying with his family on this side of heaven for very long. They don't even know if he will make it through the weekend.

Please pray for a miracle, but also for peace and acceptance of God's holy will for this amazing family who has already been through so much with the loss of their daughter Julianna last summer. 

May God reward you for your prayers!


  1. Deo gratias! Thank you for sharing this beautiful miracle. We are joining you in prayers of thanksgiving and peace.

    2015-08-14 23:42:59

  2. Mater Mea, Fiducia Mea! May our Mother wrap her arms around this little one and his family.

    2015-08-15 00:25:18

  3. Prayers going up for this sweet baby and his family.

    2015-08-15 01:29:56

  4. Prayers! May God bless baby Patrick and his family!

    2015-08-15 05:44:43

  5. We are praying for baby Patrick and his family! May God bless those precious moments they have holding and loving their sweet baby.

    2015-08-15 18:22:31


    2015-08-15 18:50:58

  7. They are in all our prayers.

    2015-08-16 02:52:35

  8. Thank you Heavenly Father for Patrick Gabriel! Holy Spirit usher in every grace for the family! Hugs!

    2015-08-16 21:49:28

  9. Thank you for the updates (though I missed this one until now.) this family's love and courage is an absolute inspiration to me. God is good.

    2015-09-08 18:36:04


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