Monday, August 3, 2015


{We've been stuck indoors since last Friday, due to a local wildfire that has caused smoke filled skies and unhealthy to hazardous air quality, so I'm sorting through pictures today and trying to finish up a few posts that have been sitting in my drafts folder. Looking at these pictures has me wishing we could go back to the ocean (or anywhere with blue skies!), and praying that this doesn't happen anytime soon!} 

We began our 2014-2015 school year with a camping trip to a little seacoast town and ended up finishing our school year by heading back to Bandon-by-the-Sea! One of our favorite priests in our diocese was planning a Corpus Christi Mass & Procession at his parish and had asked Sean and our older boys to help so we quickly packed for the trip and left immediately after our End-of-School party!

Despite the crazy coastal winds, it was a beautiful day and it was such a joy to have the opportunity to attend a Corpus Christi procession this year.  Here are the rest of the pictures from our weekend at the coast.

Morning Prayers with Dad while Mom makes Breakfast
Veggies sautéed with Coconut Oil and Trader Joe's Garlic Salt and Sausage ... one of my AIP breakfast staples. Yum!

.: Coquille River Lighthouse :. 

It was way too windy and sand kept getting in her eyes... Time to head back. In the meantime borrowing my sunglasses helped put a smile back on her face. 

.: Bike Rides :.

We are able to pack along 5 bikes with this bike rack

The coastal winds (35 mph gusts!) made it incredibly challenging (and we were just little sore the next day!) but our three oldest children and I rode our bikes (against the wind most of the way) the three miles back to our campsite.  It was a great workout! :) 

.: Campfire, Crock Pot Chicken, S'mores & Roasted Bananas :.

Quick and Easy Crock Pot Chicken (chicken tenderloins covered with BBQ sauce) cooked in the tent while we were out playing all day! Not AIP friendly for me, but the rest of the family enjoyed it along with the grilled veggies. 
While the kids roasted marshmallows I stuffed a couple bananas with cocoa nibs and coconut.
They were, um, definitely not s'mores...  ;) 

.: Face Rock Creamery :. 

On Sunday, after the Corpus Christi Mass & Procession, we all went out for Ice Cream at Face Rock Creamery

.: At the Beach with Father :. 

.: Another Campfire :.

.: One Last Visit to the Beach :. 

After four days of camping at the coast... All camped out! 

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