Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Camp Saint Joan of Arc

This summer our older girls were so blessed to be able to attend Camp Saint Joan of Arc, a summer camp for Catholic girls in the Pacific Northwest, for the first time! They were nervous (and so was Mom!) before hand but ended up having an incredible time. They especially loved meeting so many other Catholic girls and developed some wonderful new friendships. It's a loooooong drive from our home but hopefully we can get them back to camp next summer! 

- Day 1 - 

.: Father Blessed the Campground :. 

Father asked the girls a few questions as he prepared to bless the campground...
"What does the color green symbolize?"
(incorrect answer... incorrect answer...) "Ohhh! You girls are killing me!"
I just loved watching him interact with all the children. They loved him. He is such an awesome priest!
And I'm not just saying that because he is my brother-in-law. ;) God Bless Father G!  

.: Breaking the Girls into Groups :. 

 The girls all named their groups after saints.
Chiquita was in Team St. Philomena.
Twinkle Toes was in Team St. Maria Goretti.

.: Setting up Camp :. 

Just look at that smile! 
I said bye to the girls and told them I'd be back in a couple days... 

- Day 2 - 

.: Hiking :. 

Photo Source: Father G

- Day 3 - 

I was able to drive out to the camp for the afternoon and evening on Day 3. These are just a few of the activities the girls (and seminarians/priests!) enjoyed during camp.

.: Hula Hoops :. 

.: Firearms & Marksmanship Fundamentals Course :. 

After a lesson at the campground we loaded up in vans and drove to the shooting range. 
The girls all have beautiful voices and sang on the drive. 

The view was gorgeous! 

Photobombed by Mr. F! 

You can find even more pictures (and you might recognize a certain someone behind one of the rifles! So FUN!) in Christine's post about Camp Saint Joan over at Memories of a Catholic Wife & Mother
(Also please keep Christine's husband and family in your prayers!)

...and 9 of my 10 shots actually hit the target! lol

.: Praying the Rosary :.

.: Dodge Ball :. 

Mr. M & Mr. F Choosing Teams - Pick me!! Pick ME!!!
Father N was the last to be chosen.

.: Get the Bacon :. 

.: Jump Rope :. 

Here comes Mr. F! 

.: Tug of War :. 

.: Pizza Man :.

.: Ask Father :. 

Both priests answered questions that the girls had placed in a box and told stories while the girls enjoyed some S'mores made by the mom volunteers using the BBQ. No campfires allowed this year!   

Father G. came put the books of the bible to music on a recent vacation to help the girls remember the names. I didn't get The New Testament on video, but here is The Old Testament! Sorry for the poor quality, it was dark and I was using my cellphone. The girls were a little distracted by the faces Father N. was making while looking through the questions in the "Ask Father" box! :) 

- Day 5 - 

.: Morning Mass :. 

I got up extra early and was able to drive out to the campground and join all the girls for Morning Mass on the last day of Camp St. Joan! It was so beautiful, peaceful and reverent!  Deo Gratias! 

.: Breakfast :. 

These two hard working mamas were amazing and I had so much fun visiting with them during the short time I spent at the camp. May God reward you both for the sacrifices you and your families made for the all the girls! 

.: Signing Camp Books :. 

My boys thought this was interesting... not something that happens at any of the boys camps they have attended! :) 

.: Camp Cleanup :. 

Just a few leftovers from Camp Saint Joseph and Camp Saint Joan of Arc...
No campfires were allowed this year due to wildfire danger!

.: Group Photos :. 

St. Joan of Arc, Ora Pro Nobis!