Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Hockey Birthday

This year we celebrated Snuggles' 8th birthday with a Hockey themed party. He had been talking about wanting this party theme ever since he started playing hockey last fall with his older brothers, but of course I ended up not making any plans until the very last minute other than ordering a few birthday gifts and pulling out our copy of Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet

I knew I wanted to try and come up with a few new ideas, different from the last Hockey birthday party we had for Ranger's (previously Rascal) 8th Birthday.  All our boys have different favorite NHL teams - Captain loves the Penguins, Ranger the Capitals, and Snuggles' favorite team is the LA Kings so we focused on incorporating Silver and Black for our party decorations.  

After a trip to the craft store and a couple internet searches on Saturday morning (the day before his birthday!) along with lots of help from my husband and older children, it all came together! 

He was so excited when he woke up to discover his Hockey Jersey Birthday Cake, the Face-off Puck Cakes, the Stanley Cup Ice Cream Cones, and all the other treats and decorations we made for his special day.

Ranger made sure that the Capitals were still represented! 

Snuggles' birthday happened to fall on Father's Day this year! Some of my siblings happened to be in town for the weekend so we packed up all the party food and headed out to my parents home for a double celebration. It was such a fun day! 

.: Party Food and Decorations :. 

Sports Drinks with homemade Hockey and LA Kings Labels


Ranger whipped up a quick Lego Hockey Rink...

... and this awesome little LA Kings Zamboni! 

NHL Hockey Puck Party Favors - made with Ding Dongs, a little melted chocolate to secure the lollipop sticks, and a white candy decorating pen

Along with "Concession Stand" Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, potato salad, and watermelon, my mom made sure there was an amazing salad filled with AIP approved veggies that I could eat. 
Thank you, Mom! 

Flying Pucks (Cookies & Cream) Ice Cream 

.: Party Games :. 

I had a couple games to play including NHL Spot it! and the NHL Bingo I created 7 years ago for one of our older boys' 8th birthday, but the biggest attraction at Grandma and Grandpa's house is always getting rides on the golf cart or Grandpa's quad.

.: Birthday Cake :.

.: Birthday Gifts :.

His birthday gifts included some little gifts from his siblings (I especially loved watching him open the bag of coins from his little sister. She was so excited to give them to him! And of course all the thank you hugs!), a water gun from Grandpa and Grandma, a fun airplane card and gift from his other grandparents, lots of little toys from Uncle Brian and Aunt Megan including this fun Air Hogs Rip Force Glider, a few lego sets, a LA Kings Goalie Minifigure, and a personalized Hockey backpack!

Happy 8th Birthday, Snuggles!