Friday, July 24, 2015

First Communion Day

Prayers after his First Confession

"Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, be my Salvation."
with Bread of Life Cake Topper
Great Uncle Tom, lots of new friends, and "Uncle Father!" 

After First Communion: Thanksgiving 

The Body of our Lord, Jesus Christ, preserve my soul unto life everlasting! I possess Him Who gives eternal life. With firm and confident Faith, I believe, O Jesus, that Thou hast words of eternal life. Thy Flesh is meat indeed. I have received Thy sacred Body. Thou art truly present in my soul, my Lord and my God; Thou art most intimately united with me. Oh, how can I sufficiently adore Thee! Thou art my Lord and my God - I, Thy unworthy creature; Thou, my Father and Savior, hast taken pity on me: Thou lovest me, it is Thy delight to be with me. How can I, my Jesus, thank Thee for this grace! Magnify the Lord, my soul, for He hath done wonderful things to thee! Sweet, merciful Jesus, vouchsafe to look kindly upon my poor and pitiful gratitude.

I thank Thee, O Jesus!