Friday, July 17, 2015

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Finishing up The Penderwicks in Spring (borrowed from her little sister who received it for her birthday) on the grass at the park while waiting to meet friends for the first time in person! 


It made us so happy to finally spend some time with Sarah and her lovely family!


While sat on the beach and chatted, the little ones had a blast filling a box with rocks...

... while the older children swam and designed dresses out of beach towels! 


Rose and Posy also became good friends real fast.

They were so cute to watch as they played in the water and shared their snacks.

You can also find this year's End-of-School Interviews (originally inspired by Sarah!) here. 


  1. Oh Oh Oh you and Sarah meet, what fun!!!! Now the only next best would have been if I could have meet with you both too!:):){{}}

    2015-07-19 20:43:02

    1. That would have been awesome, Erin! :) Would be so much fun to meet you too!

      2015-08-05 05:00:47

  2. Is your daughter in a Kleenex commercial?

    2015-07-19 21:36:22

  3. I love her blog too! It was surreal to see you in the same screen. Feels like Catholic family ties or something. Cool! Your joy together is our joy of loving both of your families doubled!! God be praised!

    2015-07-20 18:14:33

    1. Aw, thank you! It was so much fun to meet and to introduce our children - all except my oldest two who were at camp for the week, but they got to hear all about it as soon as they got back. :)

      2015-08-05 05:05:43


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