Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Celebrating the Birthday of St. John the Baptist

Grasshopper Parfaits to celebrate the Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist!

Honey Sweetened Grasshopper Bars made with Avocado and Coconut! After nearly 4 months (113 days to be exact) on an incredibly strict Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet I finally added something back in... a little cocoa powder to make the chocolate layer for these treats... to celebrate today's solemnity! I'm praying that it doesn't end up being one of my triggers, but so far so good!

The Birthday of Saint John the Baptist from SAINTS: A Year in Faith and Art

I posted the recipe over at Catholic Cuisine. You can find it here: Honey Sweetened Grasshopper Bars

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 O glorious Saint John the Baptist, greatest prophet among those born of woman, although thou wast sanctified in thy mother's womb and didst lead a most innocent life, nevertheless it was thy will to retire into the wilderness, there to devote thyself to the practice of austerity and penance; obtain for us of thy Lord the grace to be wholly detached, at least in our hearts, from earthly goods, and to practice Christian mortification with interior recollection and with the spirit of holy prayer.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us! 


  1. Yum!

    2015-06-25 17:46:29

  2. Those parfaits look FABULOUS! Wonderful way to celebrate an amazing Saint of the Church.

    2015-06-25 19:58:32

  3. Double yum! I hope you can keep the cocoa!

    2015-06-25 20:05:20

  4. So...were the honey sweetened bars good? I probably should be on some kind of Autoimmune protocol. Your discipline is inspiring! I pray you are feeling better.

    2015-06-26 13:52:38

  5. They look good! You are a rock! lol. I have been doing the whole30 for two weeks and plan to eat mostly paleo after, and I just hate cooking for everyone now. It's rather humbling, really. I always thought I cooked for my family, but now I see how difficult it is to make something I am not going to eat!

    2015-06-26 19:42:20


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