Saturday, June 6, 2015

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I recently gifted these two beautiful infant medals, hand-embroidered by Stella Marigold Art, to a couple sweet babies and their mamas. I mailed the Immaculate Heart medal pictured above to a sweet baby girl who will be needing heart surgery in a month or two, and I gave the medal below to my friend Renee at her "Baby Shower of Love" last weekend for her little one, Patrick Gabriel, who has Trisomy 13. Please remember these two babies and their families in your prayers! 



This little guy lost a tooth at the orthodontist's office yesterday, just before getting his space maintainer, and the tooth fairy was extra generous last night! He couldn't wait to finish his final Math assignment for the school year (yay!) and get started building. #perfectendtoaroughweek #endofschoolpartytomorrow #aslongasnooneelsegetssick


Bud wasn't at all interested in the waterslide at our Homeschool Family Camp, but he was a wild man on the waterslide the graduation party we attended last Saturday! 


Apparently fallen rose petals (and Crocheted Rosary Roses!) make perfect little beds for my children's painted saints. I always love finding little scenes like this set up around our home. 


  1. Oh so neat!

    2015-06-07 00:14:37

  2. How sweet the little saints are resting in their soft beds.

    2015-06-07 02:27:37

  3. My son loves to build with Lego and especially with Lego Technic, he looks just as concentrated and has fun when building like your son does. I like the little saints on beds of Roses. :-)

    2015-06-07 16:50:44

  4. angela sturdivanMay 1, 2022 at 9:44 PM

    that might be the most darling thing i've ever seen.

    2015-06-07 22:54:49

  5. I love the saint peg dolls sleeping. So cute!

    2015-06-08 02:34:41

  6. I love the saint peg dolls sleeping. So cute!

    2015-06-08 02:35:15

  7. Praying for those two sweet babies!

    2015-06-08 17:37:14


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