Sunday, June 7, 2015

Corpus Christi Mass & Procession

"If I am truly to communicate with another person I must know him, I must be able to be in silence close to him, to listen to him and look at him lovingly. True love and true friendship are always nourished by the reciprocity of looks, of intense, eloquent silences full of respect and veneration." 
~ Pope Benedict XVI, Corpus Christi homily 2012

You, Deity triune and one, we urgently ask: thus [please] visit us, as we worship you; along your paths lead us to where we long [to be], to the light which you inhabit.

Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.


  1. bernadetteosborneMay 28, 2022 at 7:40 AM

    Beautiful, Jessica! Your sons are growing up so quickly! God bless! :)

    2015-06-08 03:28:25

    1. Thanks, Bernadette! Yes... They really are growing up quickly! God bless you too!

      2015-06-10 05:10:15

  2. What a blessing!

    2015-06-08 14:12:19

  3. What a wonderful procession! How long was it? I grew up with two or more hour processions in Germany, this used to be my favorite church celebration. Living here in the U.S. I yet have to find a procession that is as long as that. Our little church here in NY barely mentioned the fact that it was Corpus Christi. You are truly blessed.

    2015-06-08 14:46:16

    1. The procession itself wasn't very long. It went from inside the church to outside and across the property to another altar set up for benediction and then back to the church. You can't really tell in these pictures, but it was challenging at times for those carrying the canopy due to the wind gusts. This particular church is at the top of the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it was an incredibly windy day. It was such a blessing for our family to be able to travel to the coast for the weekend for the Corpus Christi Mass and Procession!

      2015-06-10 05:15:45

  4. Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful photos. You will be so very proud of your sons.

    2015-06-08 21:45:44

    1. Thanks, Valerie! We are so proud of them. :)

      2015-06-10 05:16:17

  5. Beautiful pictures, Jessica... I never tire of visiting your blog! <3

    2015-06-09 01:37:17

  6. Was this at your parish? I've never seen a TLM versus populum.

    2015-06-10 04:56:11

    1. No, this isn't our parish and it also wasn't a TLM.

      This parish is a little over 3 hours away. Father (an inspiring and faithful diocesan priest who we got to know while he was in our area for a short time a number of years ago) had sent us a text message last week saying that he had had a canopy made for the feast of Corpus Christi but was short on personnel and wondered if we could come over and help. We actually had the weekend free so we loaded up the RV and camped at the beach from Friday-Monday. It was a beautiful Mass (including chant and traditional hymns) and Father's sermon (about the need for a reform of the reform, adoration of Our Lord, the True Presence, and more) was excellent. It was such a blessing for us to be able to attend and to have the opportunity for our children to participate in a Corpus Christi procession!

      We continue to pray that we will eventually have a regular TLM within driving distance. The year before last our pastor agreed to let us have a quarterly Extraordinary Form Mass. It increased to six masses in 2014. It is still on an every other month basis for 2015, depending on whether or not my husband is able to find an available priest who is willing to travel to offer the mass for us, since we lost our original priest... We weren't able to find a priest for January, but we were able to have an EF Mass in March and May, both at 7pm on a Sunday evening. It's hardly an ideal time, especially for families, but we'll take whatever we can get at this point. The rest of the time we attend local Novus Ordo Masses on Sundays.

      2015-06-10 05:50:00

    2. Oh, I see. The lovely vestments threw me off.

      We only have one priest in our entire diocese who uses the Tridentine Rite, but we assist at Masses of wonderful priests with somewhat-irregular canonical standing on a weekly basis.

      I'll pray you find a new priest soon!

      2015-06-10 07:42:29


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