Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday of the Rose

These praises and prayers
I lay at your feet. 
O Virgin of virgins, 
O Mary, most sweet.

Be you my true guide
Through this pilgrimage here,
And stand by my side
When death draweth near.

The feast of the Ascension of Our Lord was transferred to Sunday in our diocese. Early this morning, before Mass, I made Ascension Pancakes and bacon to serve Sean and the kids for breakfast.

Pancake :: The earth Jesus walked on.

Fresh Organic Strawberries :: The blood Jesus shed

Chocolate Syrup :: The roads Jesus traveled.

Whipped Cream :: The clouds our Lord ascended into.
(Unsweetened Whipping Cream, whipped in seconds using my ISI Easy Whip)  

Sprinkles :: The sweetness of life in Heaven.
(I used white sprinkles with gold stars this year.)

I went all out and enjoyed eating some bacon (representing roads?) and berries (representing the blood Jesus shed) for breakfast with a hot cup of Roasted Dandelion Tea (earth?) with some coconut milk for creamer (clouds?)… (All AIP approved!) My "sweetness of life in Heaven" was watching everyone enjoy their pancakes, hearing their rave reviews and "thank yous!", and getting to take a few pictures! ;)  

Before the 15th century, the Sunday after the Ascension was called in the Roman books "Sunday of the Rose" (Dominica de Rosa). On this Sunday, the mass is centered on the coming Feast of Pentecost. At the church of Santa Maria Rotonda in Rome (the Pantheon), following the Pope's sermon, a shower of roses was thrown from the nave of the church in token of the Lord's promise that He would send the Paraclete soon. We can spiritually revive this custom by making an offering of roses to the statue of Our Blessed Mother in our home or parish church. ~ excerpt from my May 2015 Catholic Digest submission

(According to WDTPRS this now happens on the feast of Pentecost! Someday I would sure love to visit Rome!) 

After Mass we stopped at the store to pick up a little bouquet of roses…
It's been such a lovely day!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend! 


  1. Thank you so much for this blog it was beautiful!

    2015-05-18 12:46:12

  2. Those pancakes look so good! And I love your girls' dresses.

    2015-05-18 14:07:54

  3. I will have to remember about the roses--that would make a beautiful tradition. Pancakes are certainly not to be discounted, however!!!

    2015-05-18 21:13:10

  4. I clicked on the 2010 link of Ascension pancakes, those cuties were so young! :)

    I hope you are feeling well with the AIP diet!

    2015-05-19 04:17:41

  5. Nice and amazing one dear. So interesting post.

    2015-05-19 05:04:00

  6. Love the dresses! The pancakes not so much. Too sweet for me. Just out of curiosity, do your kids ever get tired of having their photos taken all the time?

    2015-05-23 16:41:17

  7. Beautiful!
    2015-05-26 19:16:34


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