Friday, May 1, 2015

New Additions to Our May Book Basket

Our days have been incredibly fun and FULL, from early start to late finish, this week as we work on completing some to the 500 tasks for the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week contest! We are getting ready to head out the door again this morning, but first I wanted to share a couple new additions to our May Book Basket for this year. Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Workman!

This first book was included in our family Easter basket this year. I splurged on the hardcover edition, but it's also available in paperback. It is absolutely lovely and is at the top of my list of newly released favorites! I haven't seen another children's book like it and it is such a welcome addition to our collection. I've enjoyed reading it just as much as the children.

The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary
What do Adam and Jesus have in common? What do Eve and Mary have in common? More than you think! With full color illustrations, Maura Roan McKeegan has brought to life biblical typology for children. Taking familiar biblical stories from the Old and New Testaments and placing them side by side, children can see biblical typology jump off the page. Biblical typology is when a person or an event in the Old Testament foreshadows a person or an event in the New Testament. The Bible is full of these fascinating "types." Children can now discover similarities of types without any difficulty, and easily understand at an early age what St. Augustine meant when he said that the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is revealed in the New.

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This next book was sent to me as a review sample by author Christine Henderson. It's a lovely book filled with Rosary Meditations for Children for the fifteen traditional mysteries of the rosary. The images chosen for each mystery, along with the meditations, are beautiful and inspiring. It will make a nice addition to our May (and October!) Book Basket!

Rosary Meditations for Children
Praying the family rosary is very important. However, it can be challenging to keep a child focused during the rosary. Our imagination is a wonderful thing and may be used to help make the family rosary a time of spiritual growth and enjoyment. In this book, I have written different thoughts for the fifteen traditional mysteries of the rosary. Before beginning each decade, read aloud a thought that is written. Encourage your child(ren) to think about it while praying. There is also a picture for each decade included in this book to further help enhance your child's focus and imagination.

(Note: Author Christine Henderson has just started a new blog/directory for Catholic home-based businesses! You can find it here.)

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You can find the rest of our books for May here:


  1. These look great! Just ordered them! Happy Feast of St. Joseph to your family!

    2015-05-01 18:57:46

  2. Oh lovely!! Thank you for sharing

    2015-05-01 19:59:25

  3. My kids love the Rosary Meditations book! We've even been taking it to Mass for our littlest ones. It has some beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing it!

    2015-05-02 10:53:15

  4. I am so grateful when you share resources and books that you use! Alot of what you share I hadn't heard of yet and ordered because of you. Thanks so much!

    2015-05-02 12:45:08


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