Thursday, May 7, 2015

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One of Chiquita's favorite birthday gifts this year… An original painting of one of her patron saints! I commissioned Heather to paint it, along with a couple others, after purchasing the lovely original St. Brigid painting earlier this year. Isn't it gorgeous!?! You can find the print made from this painting at Audrey Eclectic.


One of Captain's writing assignments this year was to write and mail a five-paragraph letter and he decided to write to his instructor. (Our children have been watching the Student Writing Intensive DVD's for a few years now.)  Mr. Pudewa actually wrote back! 


Apparently he was protecting the princess from an invisible dragon!

(You can find the rest of The Easter Story in LEGO here and St. George and the Dragon here.)


Life isn't always a "Shower of Roses" around here…

{updated with new picture}
...but you'll just have to take my word for it, and maybe offer up an extra prayer for me today.


  1. I hope that's mud... but I don't think so. I've seen that on my walls before... in my 2yo son's room... oh my! I hope it didn't get on the books!

    2015-05-07 17:43:34

    1. Nope… It's not mud. :(

      It was the first time any of our children have done that… and hopefully the last! Thankfully he left the books alone.

      2015-05-07 18:18:07

  2. JMJ

    I enjoyed reading Mr. Pudewa's response to Captain! Great that he got a well-written reply! ;o)

    Uhmmm... That's not what I think it is on those shelves... If it is, I'm with Kathy ^, I hope it didn't get on the books!

    Hoping your day today is filled with all things good. :o)

    2015-05-07 18:14:14

    1. They were all SO excited when that letter arrived! Such a treat!

      The books were fine. I, on the other hand, was pretty traumatized! ;) I decided that was it… I was taking his diapers away and he was going to finally potty train, but that only lasted two days. This little guy can be so stubborn!

      The next afternoon, while I was out getting the girls haircuts, I called home to check in and my oldest had to share a little conversation he had had with the 3 year old:

      Captain: "{Bud}! It's time to go sit on the toilet!"
      Bud: "YOU go sit on the toilet!!!"

      He is SUCH a stinker sometimes! If he can come up with a reply like that to his teenage brother, he should be able to potty train, right? …. sigh….

      2015-05-07 18:23:11

  3. Beautiful pictures. Except the sadness in the last ones, for him and I'm sure for you. THe painting is incredible.

    2015-05-07 18:23:41

    1. Yes, he was so sad! ♥ I was pretty much in shock! :)

      2015-05-07 18:28:41

  4. Oooh I have had a child that did such things. He pooped down the air conditioner vent once.Don't think THAT wasn't fun to discover. Oooh, the stories I will have for my grandchildren...

    2015-05-07 20:08:30

  5. That Audrey Eclectic painting is beautiful! So so beautiful! Love that he was fighting dragons. There's something about dragons over here too. And that last shot. I'm so sorry.. My oldest went there a handful of times. So much yuckkk...

    2015-05-07 21:34:14

  6. Such a beautiful painting! She is very talented. My youngest is very stubborn about potty training too, but she has just suddenly begun wanting to use the potty chair this week and even tells me when she needs to. :) Here's hoping! God bless!

    2015-05-08 03:38:33

  7. Yep, I'd be traumatized, too!!! You're lucky that this has been the fist time ANY of your kids decided to be little artists and do some "poopy art" as I've heard other parents describe it... :) I can't even imagine... Thank God the books and baskets were ok!! I suppose since he's "the baby" maybe he's trying to hold on just a little longer being "a baby"? It can be hard finding that "currency" that gets them to finally make the change. Good luck and I hope it's the LAST of the poopy art for your home! :)

    2015-05-08 11:29:25

  8. Captain likes Mr. Pudewa's jokes - he has some humdingers!

    2015-05-08 14:28:45

  9. I wish I could un-see the final pictures, and I hope you can expunge them from the record here. Nobody except those most immediately involved ever needed to know.

    2015-05-08 18:31:42

  10. Offering up a prayer for you, dear Jessica :-)

    2015-05-08 20:31:50

  11. So exciting to get a letter from Mr. Pudewa. I taught an IEW class at our co-op this year - I loved it and the kids learned so much from it! What a great program!

    2015-05-08 22:44:46

  12. I love that painting of Saint Clare. It is so lovely. Apparently one of my kids have ordered me one of her prints for Mother's Day but it didn't arrive in time. :)

    The letter!! Oh my! I will have to tell my kids. They will think that is awesome! And your knight protecting the princess just made my heart absolutely smile! I love how the others are just playing thier legos and paying him little mind, lol.

    2015-05-11 16:20:49


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