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{Easter Wednesday} Today is the last day to pre-order and save on The Catholic Daily Planner for August 2015 - July 2016 from Michele Quigley, but I can't decide which cover to choose this year! Do I pick a new one, or reorder one of my favorites? Decisions, decisions…


{Holy Saturday} Filling plastic eggs and Easter baskets while the Paska bakes and the girls finish making Chocolate Nests... That's what I'm doing now before moving on to the next thing on the list for today! 

{photo taken on Easter Sunday} I tried taking another family picture this Easter using the swing set ladder and my camera's self-timer… It turned out kind of blurry but at least we got one! Actually most of my Easter pictures turned out blurry for some reason, but I just posted this one {actually the one I posted was a little different} and a few favorites of just our children over on the blog here. Now to sort through the rest of the photos! Happy Easter!


{very early Easter Sunday morning} I'm up late hiding Easter baskets (for the first time, inspired by a friend of ours) this year... Hehehe! Now if I can just find seven spots large enough.


We adore Thee, O Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy holy cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

{Good Friday} Our little three year old asked me to carry him around the church so he could look closely at each station, after we finished praying the Stations of the Cross and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. His sweet comments about each one were so precious. It was definitely worth the drive to attend the Good Friday services at the beautiful church where Sean and I were married. We will go back at 3pm for the Veneration of the Cross. 

"If you seek patience, you will find no better example than the cross. Great patience occurs in two ways: either when one patiently suffers much, or when one suffers things which one is able to avoid and yet does not avoid. Christ endured much on the cross, and did so patiently, because when he suffered he did not threaten; he was led like a sheep to the slaughter and he did not open his mouth." ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

"How precious the gift of the cross, how splendid to contemplate! In the cross there is no mingling of good and evil, as in the tree of paradise: it is wholly beautiful to behold and good to taste. The fruit of this tree is not death but life, not darkness but light. This tree does not cast us out of paradise, but opens the way for our return." ~ St. Theodore the Studite


  1. Happy Easter Jessica! So do you enjoy that planner? I haven't ever used one, but I hear they are great! We always hide our kids' baskets in the same place in a little hideout under our stairs :) But the kids can't get their baskets until after church :) The church looms big and beautiful and how special that your little one was so intrigue by the stations! Have a blessed week! :)

    2015-04-09 01:00:28

    1. I've been using this planner for years and LOVE it, Tracy! I have a few different planners I use for different purposes... This one (it's the small size, coil bound, without any of the add ons) I keep in my purse (most of the time) and use it for all of our appointments and commitments. I love that Michele offers various date options. I've always used the planner for August- July which is perfect for our school year. (I have a separate Mama's Notebook for my meal planning and to-do lists, a binder for our school plans and checklists, and the TAN Saints Planner which stays on my desk next to my computer for feast day planning and writing my Catholic Digest articles... probably excessive but it's works well for me.) This was the first year we've hidden the baskets! It was fun, but I'm pretty sure it will be a one year thing. :) The older boys were the ones who asked if they could be hidden (like their friends) so I made sure their baskets were extra hard to find. It was fun!

      2015-04-09 01:56:26

  2. When my mom was a little girl, her parents hid her basket (she's 10 years younger than her next oldest sibling so she was sort of an only child) but with 5 of us really close in age, my parents never hid our baskets-they thought it was too hard to think up places for all those baskets! My husband comes family of basket hiders and so he really wanted to hid our son's basket and so that's what we've been doing. Even with alternating between our parents homes for holidays, we're still seriously out of hiding spots. I can't imagine finding 7 good spots! Happy Easter!

    2015-04-09 02:14:17

  3. My parents always hid our Easter baskets! It was not a tradition my husband wanted to carry on ;(. I actually forgot about it until you reminded me! I remember one year a basket was hid under a living room chair...and, oops! someone sat in the chair before the basket was found. There went the handle!

    2015-04-09 02:20:14

  4. Beautiful photos! Happy Easter to your family!

    2015-04-09 19:15:32

  5. Our baskets weren't hidden very trickily - just in closets, etc. but the eggs made up for it - in place of light bulbs, taped under furniture.... The photo made me giggle - your children don't have hands?

    2015-04-10 16:55:32

    1. I know… All their clothes was a little too big. :)

      2015-04-10 17:26:22

  6. Can I ask where you found the printables you put on the blocks for Holy week?

    2018-03-20 19:52:30

    1. I'm sorry I missed answering your question last year! I purchased the blocks already made,but the artist is now selling DIY craft sheets as well:

      2019-03-30 15:13:35


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