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Farmer Boy :: Big Red Barn Birthday

Books, Bingo, Birthday Cake, and Birthday Gifts... That's how we celebrated Bud's 3rd birthday last December! The cake took the most time and effort to create, but it was so much fun to make and the birthday boy LOVED his cake! You can find the directions for creating my Barnyard Birthday Cake here and pictures of the birthday boy discovering his cake in the morning here. Here are the rest of the pictures from his special day.

.: Farm Bingo :. 

After a "Farmer Boy" style breakfast of hot oatmeal...

...we played Farm Bingo!


.: Birthday Gifts :. 

Our youngest two children celebrate their birthdays just before Christmas, which should make it rather challenging to come up with enough birthday gifts, but with all the great pre-Christmas sales I didn't have any trouble coming up with plenty of gifts for Bud including a few new picture books. His new books included: A Farmer Boy Birthday, Go to Sleep, Little Farm, and Little Blue Truck

(Note: It looks like Little Blue Truck is currently 57% off!) 

Before opening any of his gifts he wanted his older brother to read his new books to him. ❤

Potty Time and Treeschoolers DVD… He loves all of his Treeschoolers DVDs, but the Potty Time? Not so much. He just doesn't like anything to do with potty training yet, but I keep telling myself that all the boys were closer to 4 when they finally potty trained. This just might end up being the first year in 15 years that we won't have a baby (or three!) in diapers...

I happened to discover this darling little Tug Bowl Dinner Set during one of our trips to the coast last summer… I didn't purchase it at the time and was so excited to later find it on Amazon. It has been such a hit and he still uses it every day! 

Eric Carle Around the Farm: Play-a-Sound was a super fun gift from his Godparents. I think I've mentioned before how much he enjoys this book!

After naming our miscarried baby Anthony last summer, and since Bud loves his older brother's St. Michael doll, I really wanted to give him St. Anthony of Padua with Baby Jesus from Zélie Dolls. I waited too long to place my order, but Joanne was so sweet and worked hard to make sure it arrived just in time for his birthday!

I had such a difficult time deciding on a wooden barn to purchase for Bud and ultimately ended up choosing the Schleich Portable Barn with Accessories. It's perfect! 

He was so cute playing with the little animals that came with the barn and I had such a hard time choosing (and limiting!) photos for this post. 

Of course the cow had to give St. Anthony and Baby Jesus a kiss too! 

His last birthday gift was a new large sized Cow Wheely Bug! He had outgrown the small wheely bug and was so excited when he opened this gift. He hasn't forgotten any of his moves

After opening all those gifts it was time for cake! 

.: Barnyard Birthday Cake :.

Bud loved ALL the animals on his cake, but when it came down to choosing which one he wanted he picked the sheep. How could he resist with all those "marmowwoahs!" Of course, he had to use his new Tug Boat plate too. :) 

I also served Root Beer Floats, in addition to the carrot cake, to go along with the O Antiphon for the dayO Root of Jesse, which standest for an ensign of the people, at Whom the kings shall shut their mouths, Whom the Gentiles shall seek, come to deliver us, do not tarry.

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  1. really that barn, and we love Little Blue Truck too. My youngest boy will be five this month and he wants a "money party". LOL!

    2015-04-12 12:15:20

  2. This post is just so precious Jessica! You did an outstanding job on this very unique Birthday Cake for your sweet little boy. Such a fun theme for a little farmer boy. Such thoughtful gifts and old fashioned root beer floats were the perfect drink for the farm birthday...great idea! We have two little grandson so I enjoyed seeing the awesome barn and the Cow Wheely Bug presents along with the great farm books. I enjoy all of your Birthday Party posts so much. I especially love the faces on all of your children. Each one looks so genuinely happy to be sharing the birthday celebration with their special birthday sibling. Your family is so dear and loving. You and your family are a wonderful role model and inspiration for all!!!

    2015-04-13 17:08:15


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