Friday, March 6, 2015

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  1. So cute!! What type of calculator does your son have? I want to buy one like it. Thanks. Julie

    2015-03-07 14:31:05

    1. Hi Julie, A friend of mine who tutors the boys in Math actually gave them the scientific calculator. It's a Casio fx-300SA that she picked up at a yard sale. She did tell me that they are at a point where they each need their own - they have been sharing - so I ordered this one from Amazon: Casio FX 300MS Scientific Calculator

      2015-03-07 22:17:52

    2. Thanks, I will look into it.

      2015-03-08 03:22:22

  2. I love this :) So nice to see how family life goes sometimes. I know it certainly gets crazy and silly like that over here... a lot!

    2015-03-07 17:10:39

  3. If that happened in my house, my husband and I would say our favorite phrase… "And THAT'S why we homeschool!" :o) Becky

    2015-03-07 18:19:25

  4. So cute-looks like he's a patient big brother!

    2015-03-07 20:47:18

  5. Such love!

    2015-03-07 20:56:45

  6. Whatever helps, right? lol

    2015-03-26 14:18:51


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