Friday, March 6, 2015

Stacks of Books on Christmas Morning

I realized, while putting together this year's Baskets of Books for Easter, that I never did share the list of books our children received for Christmas. Since I already had this post almost completed in my drafts folder, I decided to finish it up and share it with you all now. Hmmm… I also need to finish the post with the rest of the boys' books/bookshelves… and many others!

Anyway, in 2013 I was inspired by Charlotte to give each of our children a "Stack of Books" as one of their Christmas gifts. Our children loved the stacks of books (at least most of them!) and we ended up giving them more this last Christmas! Here are the books they unwrapped: 

.: Captain - Age 14 :.

.: Ranger - Age 13 :. 
(he was still 12 when he received these for Christmas)

.: Twinkle Toes - Age 11 :. 

.: Chiquita - Age 9 :.

.: Snuggles - Age 7 :. 

Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream is currently listed at a great discount! 

.: Rose - Age 5 :. 

.: Bud - Age 3 :.